5 Expert Inbound Marketing Tips You Can Use Immediately

24 September of 2015

Looking to refine your inbound marketing strategy? You needn’t invest a lot of time or money into changes to see results. Rather, according to the experts, there are several inbound marketing tips you can implement quickly to hone your sales funnel.

Answer Questions through Content

Every business has a list of questions that are most commonly asked by their customers. Which items are included in your firm’s list? Begin compiling issues that clients regularly voice, to connect more easily with potential customers. This is an effective inbound marketing tactic because the questions your current customers are asking are most certainly questions that would-be prospects are also pondering.

Refine your Value Proposition

According to Inbound Marketing Tips from an Expert Chris Storm, CEO of the marketing company ClearPivot, a quick revision to your business’s value proposition can yield impressive results. Many sales professionals are so consumed with trying to beat competitors at the same game that they lose sight of the valuable qualities that set their business apart.

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Instead of shouting about how you’re better than competitors on similar fronts, find the aspects of your business that make you unique. In that process, you’ll discover the company’s value proposition. After you’ve found it, strategically include the value proposition front and center in your marketing materials.

Measure your Success

You can’t know if your inbound marketing efforts are working if you aren’ttracking the numbers behind your tactics. The primary data that you should immediately start tracking include daily, monthly and weekly visits to your site’s landing page, website sales numbers and the amount of abandoned carts on your site.

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These figures offer insight regarding where you are now. After you’ve implemented new inbound marketing tactics, they will indicate how well those tactics are yielding results. After the basics are in place, you can then slowly begin building a well-rounded metrics tracking system.

Simplify Contact Forms

Prospects don’t want to complete a novel just to connect with a sales rep. One of the most valuable aspects of your inbound marketing strategy to revamp is your site’s contact form. Evaluate the current form and determine if any fields (optional and required) can be removed. Then, take another look and see if you can condense it a little more. Also, make the form as intuitive as possible and clearly state what prospects can expect from your business after submitting the form.

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Follow Up Immediately

Don’t make prospects wait for information they request from your business. If you make them wait, they’re sure to run to the open and waiting arms of your competitors. If you promise prospects a white paper for opting into your email list, set up an automated system that will immediately send prospects the link to download the white paper. Of course, business hours limit how quickly you can follow up via email or phone on specific requests, but you should clearly state your business hours to avoid prospect frustrations.

With just a few simple changes, you can vastly improve your inbound marketing strategy. From simplifying your site’s contact forms to immediately following up on inquiries begin implementing these tried and true tips to improve your sales funnel.


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