Challenges That Most Of Mobile App Testers Face Today

16 May of 2018

The sudden growth in mobile app development domain is par excellence. The innovation that we often read from technology news is of course impressive for every one of us. The domain has helped a number of mobile app developers to get a job in the industry by being a mobile app tester or a coder. While getting such jobs requires you to have a sound technical knowledge, the other side, sometimes gets even harder when these professionals face challenges in real. The scope of such challenges may range from a simpler to a tougher one, here is a compilation of the challenges that developers often face.

List of Challenges in Mobile App Testing

Device variation

The mobile app testing could sometimes becomes difficult for the professionals due to the device compatibility issues. The fact that developers need to test an application on Android and iOS becomes a challenge sometimes as different operating systems have different device specifications. Testing an app for any specific device may take a considerable time of the developers.

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The availability of the tools

The innovative mobile testing ways are still budding and the developers are still finding it an easier option to go the traditional way. This increases the challenge for the app testers to opt for modern ways of testing. Talking about the availability of tools, the number is still not as impressive as it should be, meaning we still lack the most modern devices to offer the same to our mobile app developers/testers when it comes to app testing.

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Demand for skilled specialists

QA specialists are there to look at every aspect of app development to ensure that the things have been arranged decently for the users. The demand can vary from the look and feel of the application to the specifications it includes for the users. Not having the best team of QA specialists make it difficult for the users to get an end product that is as smart as the investment they have done for the device.

The solution

It is not possible for developers to look upon every approach and make it fit to suit to users’ need. However, a well-renowned approach can be to look at every aspect of mobile app development procedure from starting to the end. It is also important to test a device for different operating systems so that it could not bother the end user. The goal is to satisfy the users and it can be done impressively by keeping every aspect of mobile app testing into the mind.

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It is also advised to test on real devices to take a note of the issues that could possibly bother the users. This is important because a number of problems could stuck end users that a tester may not encounter while testing the device specification.

Checking the device or app specification on different networks is also advisable in order to offer an exceptional app browsing experience to the users. This would help to enhance the experience in a better way.

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