What Are The Best Ways To Market Your Business?

02 January of 2018

No matter what sort of business you operate, everyone needs to raise their profile to get new customers or clients from time to time. However, when it comes to actually doing this, it sometimes seems like there are a million different ways to get your name out there.

Whether it’s printing leaflets to be distributed into mailboxes across the local area or a more hi-tech option such as promoting posts on social media, there are lots of different marketing options. The problem is choosing which one – or ones – to choose!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best methods for marketing your business, growing your customer base, and getting the results that you deserve.

Traditional mail shots

Back in the days before the television was king, the main marketing channel that organizations had at their disposal was the humble postal service. Though in today’s busy world, there are lots of other options out there, it’s still possible to launch a successful mail campaign.

The plus side of this type of advertising is that unlike online adverts, which can be scrolled by, or TV commercials, which can be ignored, it’s guaranteed to reach and end up in the hands of the consumer, at least for a few seconds.

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Facebook: the social media giant

Though mail shots are still popular, the modern world means that there are many new and popular alternatives. Social media has exploded into our lives in recent years, and it seems as though everybody nowadays is tweeting, Facebooking, or Instagramming all day long.

When it comes to advertising through social media, Facebook is the king of the castle. It’s believed that we spend almost an hour on Facebook and its related apps every day, and for that reason there’s often very little competition in the social media world in terms of how many people can be reached through the platform.

Whether you’re paying Facebook to boost a post into the news feeds of potential new customers or you’re simply going to post a few messages on your fan page, there’s no reason not to be on it. Plenty of businesses in niches ranging from interior design to online gambling have seen success. By following the example of Stakers.com, you can also enjoy success on social media.

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Smaller social networks

Though Facebook boasts some of the highest reach statistics in the social media universe, that’s not to say that there are no alternatives.

In fact, in some circumstances, the alternatives can even be a better choice. Take the example of LinkedIn, which runs its own advertising service offering businesses the chance to reach a certain type of person. If your firm is in recruitment or another business to business industry, then the niche user base and context of the site could be perfect.

The same goes for creative businesses and social networks such as Pinterest because users there are in an arty frame of mind when they go on the site – and are hence more likely to opt for your product or service.

Television and radio

Americans watch plenty of TV, and that’s why it can be a good way to reach consumers all year round. Often, the downside to TV and radio advertising is that slots can be expensive – so if you don’t have a big budget, it may not be the option for you.

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You can, however, focus on other methods of free brand-building through TV and radio, such as crafting positive news stories about your business that get your senior staff seen and heard.

Mixing it up

Remember that you don’t just have to select one marketing channel in particular. You can use a wide range of different channels to craft a perfect marketing message. The key is to make sure that all of your messages match. If you’re planning to run a TV advertisement, for example, the message of that commercial should always match the tone and point being made by your CEO on their Facebook page. This way, your users will get a top-notch cross-channel experience, and you will ensure that your brand is associated with consistency in their minds.

Ultimately, it’s clear that there are plenty of options when it comes to marketing your business. Whether you’re planning a hi-tech campaign involving Facebook advertising and LinkedIn posts or something a little more traditional such as a mail shot campaign, there is a method or methods out there just perfect for you.

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