4 Tips To Improve Your Advertisements On Facebook

04 November of 2014

As social media continues to make its way into every household, countless companies and entrepreneurs are turning towards social media platforms to promote and market their businesses.  However, many of these entrepreneurs are ill-experienced and do not know exactly how maximum advantage can be extracted from social media marketing. We have compiled a list of tricks to help you maximize the efficiency of your online marketing. We will share some vital tips on how to enhance your ads on Facebook, which undoubtedly is the dominant social media platform for advertising today.

Identify your goals

Before you sit down to create an ad, you need to precisely understand your goals. Whether you want to attract people towards your website, boost sales or just wish to spread the word about your brand, Facebook offers a variety of ad types to match your goals.

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For instance, Facebook offers an advanced targeting option to make advertisements visible to users who are most likely to be interested in your ads. If you advertise on social media, you even get to identify visitors living near your business venue, or those who search for similar advertisements frequently. However, all these nifty tools  can only be used effectively if you have properly identified the goals you hope to achieve by this promotion.

Begin with a Small Budget

With a flourishing online marketing industry, budget isn’t a constraint any more. Owners of small and large businesses alike can get started on Facebook with very little budget. They can employ a creative professional to generate a quality ad and even Buy Facebook Likes for a nominal price to increase their social media presence. Contrary to other forms of advertising where hefty amount is spent on promoting a product or a business, Facebook advertising delivers you real results with very little amount of money spent. If you are using Ads Manager, you can monitor your ads even more closely and see which ads are getting the most hits.

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Use attractive Pictures

Pictures are a vital part of any advertisement and the ability to use them effectively can have tremendously positive effects on your ad. The more unique imagery you use, the greater the chances of users clicking your ad and visiting your Facebook page or website. However, remember to keep the text to less than 20 per cent of the image size; this generally works well with most ads.

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Target different groups

When you run an ad on Facebook, you can reach all sorts of different people. The real deal however is to find which of these audiences are most important to your product/service and will bring prosperity to your brand.

This can be done by targeting your ads at different groups of people and then evaluating the results. The group that reveals the greatest interest in your advertisement is likely to be your most suitable audience.


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