4 Ways To Save On Moving Homes

13 February of 2015

Has every house move you had felt like a chore? Did you find broken lamps, plates and trinkets but have not been reimbursed? Don’t ever go through a bad move again; follow these four tips for a royal moving experience with a student’s budget.

1. Never Call Companies, Call Quoting Sites:

Companies always will price a premium in the expectation to negotiate the price down. In the end you may receive a discount but it is still 25% more expensive than that of a quoting site. Go to quoting sites and request for companies to contact you with a price. Contact all those companies and negotiate the price even lower. Initially the companies are competing for business and put discount prices. Upon calling them you may negotiate another 5 per cent off.

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2. Read Insurance Plan Before Signing Moving Contract:

Never trust a verbal agreement always read the fine print of the contract. Read the insurance carefully and think of what it means. Many contracts only insure the damage that occurs on the truck, but omit the damage that can occur during the packing and unpacking, loading and unloading process.

3. Calculate the Amount of Movers you will need for the Move:

If you are getting a low price for the move that may signal that the mover is cutting the cost on man power. If you live in a one bedroom apartment you will need four movers to assist you during the move. If you are receiving less than four movers your move will take two and a half days. This is important information to remember as it can factor into your cost.

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4. Don’t Afraid to be Picky:

Ask the hard questions, of how many trucks and what type of trucks. Open trucks are best for large furniture items, in order to avoid damage. If you have sensitive glass items and tables then you would need either to double wrap the furniture or request for a closed truck.

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Moving doesn’t have to be stressful nor does it have to be a chore. In order to have an easy and smooth move you just need to know your rights and be informed of what is being provided. Save money by using sites such as MoveSouq.com to get quotes, ask about insurance and other hard questions. Remember prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Happy Moving!


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