5 Reasons Why HR Struggle To Motivate Staff

01 February of 2015

Both employers and HR managers who can effectively motivate their staff could realise and reap the benefits that positively affect their bottom lines. Employers should take different steps to get their employees motivated, to work hard and help the company attain its mission and goals.

However, HR managers typically face difficulties in motivating their staff and it happens for a number of reasons:

Leaders Don’t Have the Skills to Motivate their Staff

Companies, especially their respective HR departments, fail to understand what truly motivates their workers. This leads to a situation in which the employees struggle to reach their true potential. An international employee motivation study found that there is a clear link between HR managers that are inept at motivating teams and the rate at which employees enhance their current skill sets.

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HR Managers are Not Active in Motivating Their Employees

HR managers should be more active when it comes to motivating their employees and recognise that putting all the responsibilities on the workers is something that will  lead to failure in the end. HR leaders should understand what encourages their staff and they have to make and execute efficient methods that consider these motivational factors employee strategies.

Too Many Rules to Follow

Companies today typically implement rules that are sometimes not necessary for the function of their organizations. What HR managers can do to address this issue is to talk with the company owner and manager about limiting the amount of red tape the company’s management is currently having to work through. 

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Employees’ Success is Unrecognised

Inside of a company, there are employees who have the potential and determination to do something great – not just for themselves but for the business as well. Employees will be pleased to see that their success is recognised by the company and failure to do so is among the common reasons why HR struggles to motivate their staff in the end.

Employees who experience this will lose their eagerness to work hard, resulting to difficulties on the part of a HR manager when it comes to motivating those workers to pursue what they used to do.

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Lack of Proper Communication

HR managers at times fail to communicate properly with their employees and this is one of the key reasons why they struggle to motivate their staff. Leaders and managers should always be open and available when their staff needs them, especially when there is a problem.

There are so many ways on how a HR manager can motivate the employees of a company where they work for. The use of social recognition software is an effective strategy to make it happen.

Social recognition is a must for every company to help open the lines of communication to negate issues when they arise.

For more information about social recognition software, visit the Workstars website.

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