6 Easy Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Storefront

30 March of 2015

Most businesses today are focused on how they can improve their online presence and get more people to their online store. Though these are great focus points for any business today, this does not mean that a business should forget about their brick and mortar store.

The store is still the heart of most of a business’s most valuable profits. Therefore, every business should take a good look at the physical image that they are creating for their business and consider what impact visual merchandising can bring to your operation. Here are six easy ways businesses can improve their storefront that any business can use to improve and grow.

Keep it Secure and Safe

Safety is something that business owners never forget about when thinking of their store. However, it is easy for business owners to think that they have done everything to keep their store safe, when in reality, they could be doing so much more. Businesses can look into upgrading their Staten Island ADT as a starting point for better security.

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Clean it Regularly

This, again, may seem pretty straight forward, but cleaning is one of the most commonly overlooked tasks in many stores. Simply cleaning the windows and the floors daily can make the space seem much more inviting to the public, getting more foot traffic into the store.

Create an Outstanding Sign

Underestimating the power of a good sign in front of a store is like underestimating the necessity of a website in today’s business world. The sign needs to draw people’s eyes, tell them what the business is all about, and invite them into the store. This means that the sign needs to be outstanding, concise and attractive.

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Work on the Windows

After the sign, the windows are the next most important feature of the storefront. Business owners need to make sure that the windows tell the rest of the story about the business that the sign left out. This means not only keeping the windows clean, but also creating displays and signage that showcase all the store has to offer.

Get Second Looks with Great Lighting

Having the perfect window display set up means nothing if the passersby cannot see it. Having great lighting that displays everything without being overwhelming is a difficult balance to strike. Many business owners will need to test out a few different lighting options before they find the right combination to show off all of their goods or services.

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Create an Even Flow Inside the Store

Even if the whole idea of Feng Shui seems far-fetched, there is a definite difference in energy that customers can sense when walking into a store. People want to not only feel welcomed and comfortable, but also free to make their own decisions and free to find the right items for their needs. Practicing some rearranging to make the whole store flow evenly together can help businesses harness these feelings and make their store more inviting to anyone who walks through the business’s door.


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