7 Key Tips On How To Choose The Right Pay Per Click Management Agency

18 March of 2015

PPC is paid advertising and is used to deliver businesses a steady and measurable flow of qualified leads. To ensure an effective PPC campaign that is optimized in terms of conversions and budget-efficiency, it helps to tie up with the right PPC management agency. Read on to find out how to identify the right PPC agency.

Tying up with a PPC management company that can help you realize your individual business objectives is an important aspect of your search engine marketing. If you are a new business planning a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign to improve your website traffic or have already employed one but are not satisfied with the results, then maybe it’s time to look for a PPC management company that really delivers RESULTS!

Check out this checklist to help you pick the PPC service provider that works for You.

Identify an established PPC company. Small businesses and startups cannot afford a mismanaged PPC campaign due to limited budget. Be proactive in selecting a PPC service provider with proven credentials and track record of delivering qualified target leads.Check their experience, niche specialization, transparency, and cross-platform capabilities. Conduct thorough research on various parameters, and check their client testimonials.

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Avail qualified professionals. Businesses need to look for Google AdWords certified and Bing Ads accredited SEO companies that can provide professionals well-versed in the latest trends and techniques for paid search marketing. These professionals are experienced in comprehensive online marketing and advertising including PPC, SEO, SMM, social media marketing, and much more. It allows SMBs to leverage top notch industry-relevant skills and experience at affordable rates.

7 Key Tips On How To Choose The Right Pay Per Click Management Agency

Scrutinize the provider’s website, ask questions. Check out the benefits a provider can offer you. Do they provide a clear understanding of what PPC is and how businesses stand to benefit from it? Are their copy, ads, and media enticing enough to be clickable ? Have they optimized their own landing page to maximize conversions? Do they offer dedicated professionals or team members to supervise your PPC campaigns and lend you real time support and guidance?

Is your service provider well-versed in the tricks of the trade? PPC management is a composite process that needs expertise and effective management. Keyword research, organizing the keywords into target-oriented campaigns and ad-groups, detailed competitor analysis, optimizing your landing pages in terms of relevance and quality for high conversion ratio, creating compelling ad copy based on your business USP—a good PPC management agency will focus on each of these aspects and ask you umpteen questions to find out relevant information from you to create a winning PPC campaign.

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7 Key Tips On How To Choose The Right Pay Per Click Management Agency

Go for the right payment model. Service providers offer multiple payment models including the fixed fee, the pay-for-performance, and the spend-as-you-grow models. You need to look at the various criteria in each model and go for the one that optimally suits your specific market, competition, budget, and other industry-specific requirements. Also, compare the prices offered for various services with other established providers to get the best deal.

Keep control of your campaign. It is important for your provider to share their information and expertise to keep you in the loop. Ask for a dedicated manager to track and analyze your metrics, and maintain communication with them. The metrics should include the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions, the CTR (click through rate—the percentage of people who click through to your website having viewed tour adverts online), the average cost per click, and the budget use. These are the bare minimum details that a PPC agency needs to report.

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Look for a transparent reporting procedure. An agency that cares about your campaign will always prioritize reporting and communication with the client, and conduct it in a transparent and easily accessible manner. Good service providers will also leverage the latest conversion tracking tools to provide you pertinent information on your website analytics including the number of your visitors, which were the magic keywords and locations that delivered the leads, which pages experienced maximum bounce rate, which ones received maximum browsing time, etc.

If you are ready for a PPC account, or looking to review an existing one, and want your service provider to deliver on each parameter discussed above, contact the VirtualEmployee.com team right away. Our dedicated Google AdWords certified professionals can deliver an optimized and bespoke PPC management approach to maximize your return on marketing spend. In fact, we can create high quality campaigns with pertinent ad copy, keyword selection, landing page, and media to raise Google’s quality score for your ad—driving traffic as well as benefits of cost to your business.


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