Auto Insurance Is Much More Than Just Accident Protection

25 November of 2014

If you are driving on the roads, auto insurance is a must. It’s the one thing you make sure you have in addition to your license. Nearly every state in the U.S. Has laws on the books requiring a driver to have car insurance and to be caught without it can turn into an expensive mess. And the reasons for this requirement are pretty straightforward – if you are in an accident, you have to be able to cover the damage to people, vehicles, and other property as necessary. Without these provisions, the state could be held liable or accountable and that is a financial burden they are unwilling to bear.

Your insurance policy guarantees what will be covered in the event of an accident or other possible damage. In return, you agree to pay the insurance company a “premium”, or allotment payment for the coverage. We all hope that the day never comes when you must use insurance coverage, but there is nothing like having it when you need it.

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Most policies also have a deductible – a payment which you as the insured make that is either a percentage of the whole or a flat payment should the policy coverage kick in. After the deductible is paid, the insurance coverage is invoked and starts to pay for the remaining damage. The deductible amount will vary in amount depending on the policy and coverage, but as a rule of thumb the lower the premium the higher the deductible.

Auto Insurance Is Much More Than Just Accident Protection

Most automobile coverage will take care of some medical care for persons involved in an accident who are hurt, as well as repair/replacement and legal costs. Some policies will pay for rental car use while the insured car is being repaired. Other policies – usually comprehensive coverage policies – will also cover repair or replacement when the insured car is damaged by vandalism or stolen. The kind of policy that takes care of the bare minimum is generally called liability insurance, and it is usually the cheapest option. Of course, cheaper can be relative when it comes to the actual costs of replacement or repair. If you choose not to pay the premiums for the broader comprehensive insurance, going with liability instead, you may spend less money month over month in premium payments, but it could bite you if you get into a vandalism or theft situation.

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Another aspect of car insurance that might be considered is carrying uninsured motorist insurance – this is coverage against the instances that the other driver doesn’t carry any insurance at all. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think, and it is a bad position to be in should it happen to you. This extra coverage could be very valuable in the long run, so work the little extra you might have to pay each month. You can get an auto insurance quote Peachtree Corners, GA from one of the great insurance companies nearby.

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Whichever type of coverage you choose, just keep in mind that you shouldn’t be on the road without auto insurance – it’s a dangerous place and chances are you will need it at some point. Make sure to get appropriate coverage from one of the auto owners insurance companies Peachtree Corners GA at a price you can afford. Get an auto insurance quote Peachtree Corners GA today.

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