B2B Sales: Everything You Need to Know

10 September of 2018

B2B which stands for business-to-business is the exchange of services, products or even information between businesses rather than directly to consumers. It is a model that focuses on selling a product together with services to other companies.  To get a clear picture of what B2B entails, think of it as a supportive enterprise that has the capabilities of offering the things that other companies need to succeed or need to get a edge against other competitors in the market.  One characteristic of B2B is that it offers raw materials, unlike the business to consumer (B2C) or the consumer – business models.  Automobile manufacturing is a perfect example of a traditional B2B market. Discussed below are some b2b lead generation tactics that most businesses use in some combination to help guide the very act of building a steady stream of qualified leads.

Answer focused blogging

      Everyone out there is constantly telling you that to be successful in your business, you must be blogging every day. Blogging is not bad, however: you need a direction before you decide to blog. If you are interested in blogging, you need to make sure you are building high quality content. Don’t blog because everyone is blogging, blog because you want to share content with people that you find valuable for them to know. One good way of blogging is to focus on specific topics that you feel you have a deep opinion about and can articulate your stance. You can also look in your email to find the questions you have answered from clients and prospective customers.

The next thing you need to do is turn these questions into blog posts.  Think of the topics your prospects may be interested in or thinking before they consider your services or products as their possible solutions.  Make sure you dig up as many questions as possible and put these questions on an editorial calendar for your blog posts for the next four to six months.

Seminars and webinars

     One of the most effective tactics for many B2B lead generation campaigns involves in-person education through seminars and webinars.  When a prospective client realizes that your business has the tendency of providing some valuable advice, they will instantly catch on.

They see you have answers to most of the challenges clients are struggling with at the moment, and the spark will hit. This tactic is recommended, however, if you have the resources to invest in an offline solution that is not easily trackable and will take time.

Customer Matches through Social Media Advertising

      Another tactic that will take your business to the next level is by using social media advertising. To use social media effectively, first upload an email list directly through Facebook or Twitter. After uploading the email list match up the emails in the directory with their respective users.

This will let you create what are called Lookalike audiences and the respective platforms will begin finding these users and those similar to them. This allows you to instantly start targeting relevant decision-makers.

If you lack an email list to upload, the social media advertisement platforms have their demographic data that you can use to promote to your target customer accurately. Make sure you always test and invest wherever you see the most return.

Using B2B SEO to Generate Quality Leads

      As the internet expands, more competitors will naturally enter the market. This means having to invest more time in your organic campaigns to generate an ROI. However, the benefits of SEO can far outweigh most other campaigns if invested properly over time.

SEO agencies such as SEO agency la have created new campaigns such as Content-Driven Informative that actually use your competitor data to your advantage. Imagine being able to know what keywords your competitors are ranking for and creating content that is 10x better.. That’s the idea with new innovative agencies and the impact shows. Clients usually see about a 200% increase in traffic in under 3 months – this is because you are able to quickly push your keywords in the “low hanging fruit” to the top.

The resources that someone adds up over time using SEO ensures a great ROI. It just requires a longer investment time.

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