30 July of 2016

An audio mixer is very important electrical equipment for music lovers. If you are a home recording artist, a DK or even a music enthusiast, the mixer will definitely be a must have in your home entertainment system. The mixer is what mixes or combines the different audio signals coming from microphones, and musical instruments, while maintaining their integrity in the quality of volume, tone and other dynamics. You can use it at home for your entertainment system, in night clubs, at music recordings or even at broadcasting stations.

There are different types of audio mixers. These include the analogue, powered, software and digital mixers. The Behringer X32 is a digital audio mixer that offers a wide range of possibilities in signal routing and dynamics. Perhaps one of the biggest advantage of the digital mixer is its capability to save past settings, which can easily be used in the future should their need arise. You can also pre-program some mixes ahead of time using a computer. With that said, we can now take a look at the necessary features to consider when buying your Behringer X32. Here comes some of its features from behringer x32 manual:

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Application of the mixer may fall into live events, recording events or both. If you wish to use it for a recording, be sure that the microphone’s preamp quality and compatibility with external processors is checked. For live events, check that the mixer is compatible with the music system you intend to use, as well as has sufficient connectivity for the various sound equipment you will need to use.

Input/Output Devices and Channels Needed

Check how many inputs you will need for your microphones, stereo keyboards, guitars and other audio equipment. Different microphones will require a certain number of inputs, as well as all the other audio equipment. The condenser microphone for one works well with “phantom Power”. Your mixer should thus support that capability.  When considering this go for a digital mixer that offers a great number of input/output and channels so that it can accommodate your future needs, should they need scaling.

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Sound Processors and Effects

This all comes down to your needs; do you need to use sound processors and effects that are outside of the mixer? If they are very necessary to you, then the mixer’s effects will not be that important. However, if you do not need to use these, then the mixer you go for should have the effects and sound processors that are suitable for your needs. Now you may consider hearing songs in your sweet air conditioned room (you may check this Frigidaire Air Conditioner manuals if you don’t know how to make you air conditioner function well!!).

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As per the above features to consider with your mixer, we see that it all comes down to your needs; what you will be doing with the mixer, or what you want the mixer to do for you. If the mentioned features are of great importance for your purpose, then by all means, make sure that the mixer has them. If they are not too important, then just buying a digital mixer that produces good sound quality will be your goal. You may also check Toro Sentinel Software user guide before taking your ultimate decision.


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