Besides Freedom To Connect, Internet Also Providing Earning To Million Skilled Persons!

28 April of 2015

The world was looking for globalization in business since the 1980s, and it started to fructify over the next two decades in the real way. Many factors came in to assist this process of transformation that involved both the developed and the developing nations. The most important among them was the internet connectivity.

In the true sense, the internet has helped in letting the business world go global. With the internet came the online sales websites, and on these platforms, even a simple artisan in the remote corner of the underdeveloped world could showcase her/his skills and products. This was the globalization in the truest sense where a skilled person could connect to a niche client without much of investment in terms of money and time.

The online selling was not just limited to the shopping websites; even the individual sites came up gradually with time. Owing to the high cost of registration on the online buying and selling websites, many artisans having IT skills decided to manage their own websites. And this was supported just in time by the upsurge of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Even the professional online networks like LinkedIn made their inroads. Hence, a situation was created which was conducive to let the individual skilled persons to make a mark in the global business, making higher money.

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This trend was picked up by the intelligent Netizens of the world. They could sense that through the internet, a bigger world of opportunity is getting opened up where one could make money online in an easier way! The moment people could sense this, they plunged into the pool of the internet that gives the unlimited opportunity of connecting to anyone across the world that can generate some business. One can thus look back over the last five years or so, and see the upcoming of quite a few different types of newer professions that did not exist earlier and that were pretty innovative in their own ways!

E-book Authors!

Among the newest of professions, one is to publish using e-books. No more are publishers required for publishing a book. Anyone can now become an author by using several publishing software applications that help in preparing and finalizing a book which looks interesting to read. It has the appearance of a hard bound book only, with the only difference that it is available in digital form. One can sell through the online buying and selling websites or through individual websites as well. The facilities of net-banking have made it possible to get the money out of sales directly into the account. Whether one writer is a good author or a bad one can be determined by the sale of her/his books, but no more are the authors dependent on the book publishing houses and their tantrums and politics.

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Life Skill Coaches!

Same is the case with life coaches! This term is a new one, since the concept itself is new. There are so many teachers and coaches who impart training and knowledge to their students. But over time and experience, they learn the fact that whatever the students learn from books they can succeed in their fields only when they have the life skills to implement them in real life. Practical skills are very essential, and to master them, one has to overcome the hurdles that one commonly faces in life. To overcome frustrations, stress and emotions of personal life is also someone needs to learn. But a simple classroom cannot teach a person about these things. To learn them, one has to come out of the classrooms and interact with the trainers to share their bits of wisdom.

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These trainers have thus felt the importance of life skill coaching. They thus extend their help to the young professionals who need the kind of help. While the novice trainers work from a common platform, preferably on social networking sites, the senior and expert trainers work from their individual websites.

Even an individual website is not a pre-requisite for someone to make money online independently. With emails, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, LinkedIn posts and similar such connecting platforms abundantly available, one can get in touch with aspiring clients to make business pretty easily and at the lowest of expenditures. Only one thing is mandatory for such things- one must be good in IT skills and keep on learning!


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