Building Trust For Your eCommerce Store

04 December of 2014

Today’s online shoppers are savvy and have developed a knack for spotting authentic websites quickly. If your online store is not effectively demonstrating its authenticity, it may not be equipped to build trust among its customer base, and is probably losing business because of it. By building in trust to your ecommerce store, you can attract more first-time customers and better maintain the ones you already have.

Post Legitimate Reviews from Real People

Customers turn to reviews for information about companies as well as products. By posting reviews on your website that demonstrate the high quality of your company as well as your products, you can reinforce the notion of trust among your customer base. Many customers are willing to take a chance on a new company based on what others say. Reviews that contain relevant information are likely to help convince new customers to shop from you.

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Carry Great Products

Quality products are the cornerstones of a successful ecommerce platform. Without quality merchandise, trust erodes and your customer base along with it. Collaborate with a drop shipping supplier that allows you to carry the products you want to sell (1). By choosing products you are knowledgeable about, you can more effectively market them to your clientele and provide a high level of customer service.

 Add Press Mentions to Your Site

Press mentions help lend your ecommerce site credibility. “Simply putting logos of the websites that have featured you is an effective way of telling visitors that your product has been reviewed by professionals.” (2) In fact, you can place these logos right on your home page where they will garner the most notice.

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Excellent Customer Service

The best ecommerce sites deliver a powerful customer service experience. If a customer sends a question about a product to your company inbox and receives no answer, they are going to write you off. If, however, you deliver a prompt reply that provides them with everything they need to make their decision, you’ve already demonstrated that you can be relied upon in a fashion. Many customers will move forward with their purchase if they are content with your level of customer support.

Establish a Social Presence

If your company establishes a presence on social media, customers are likely to take note. If they cannot find your company listed on Facebook, it might actually look fishy. An ecommerce company should take advantage of a major network like Facebook to attract customers and provide them with useful information about the business. If you have not established a presence on major sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, it is high time to remedy that situation.

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By following these tips, you can improve the level of trust your ecommerce site exudes. If consumers cannot quickly ascertain that your ecommerce site is a trustworthy one, they will likely move on until they find one that is. Once you establish trust with your customer base, you will be better able to maintain those customers, and they may even promote your business on social media for you.

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