Dun and Bradstreet Helps Obtaining Complete Credit Solution

10 September of 2014

Dun and Bradstreet is the world’s most renowned source for information and data to businesses. It also offers an insight to the businesses which enables them to take decisions which are strategically very important and crucial for the success of a business. The global data base of D&B today has 230M plus records of business.

Analytics – A Key Service Area

The analytical products and services of Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp help the companies identify prospects of high weightage and the existing segments of customers. They also help businesses predict about the future behavior of credit for improving the profitability and optimizing the disbursement of capital. With a deep insight in the conditions of the local markets, D&B offers interpretations in terms of analytics even when sufficient data is not available.

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Solutions Coverage by D&B Credibility Corp.

Dun and Bradstreet credibility corp. offers a comprehensive analytical solutions & services approach throughout the life-cycle of the customer for predicting risk accurately, acquiring and retaining the good and loyal customers and identifying the best service.

Marketing analytics by D&B Credibility Corp.

  • Marketing analytics– identify the right segments of customers, offer the right kind of products and enhance the life-time value of the customer.
  • Acquisition– helps you acquire the right type of customers, increase the potential of the marketing campaigns, and predict the prospective revenue.
  • Customer development– improves the activation and penetration of product, offers risk-based price, segmentation of customers, improves account’s profitability
  • Retention– predict churn, improve loyalty, facilitate reactivation
  • Other solutions- analyze the CLTV, MIS and Marketing Mix.
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Services Offered By Dun and Bradstreet

  • Design & Development– The comprehensive services offered for Marketing and management of risk models throughout the life-cycle of the customer with the help of advanced statistical procedures. Also offers expert & hybrid techniques models when sufficient data is not available with the bank.
  • Audit, validation & recalibration– Independent auditing services and products for the existing model of the business for validating them for the said purpose.
  • Analytics center of excellence – Dedicated and experienced teams having analytical experts having deep knowledge in establishing models of banking for working exclusively on the ongoing needs of the business.

D&B Advantages

  • High quality metrics which are driven by WWSP
  • Globalized expertise along with local experience
  • Managing the Risk analytics, for various credit score bureaus of the region
  • Delivering all type of data- maturity situations
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Management of risk is quite crucial for the success of every business. That is why the vendors, banks, partners as well as suppliers turn towards Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp. data for analyzing the business before it enters into the contractual arrangement.

Knowing what is there in the credits fie of your company is very important. CreditBuilder gives an access to the data of D&B which can be accessed by anyone while taking important decisions of business. Also, CreditBuilder helps you monitor as well as build the credit of your business by multiplying a string history of payment which might have been ignored.

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