Features Every E-Commerce Store Should Have

27 October of 2014

Branding is one of the most key functions of marketing. And one of the key ways of representing a brand is logo. The logo of an e-commerce store should be omni-present. It should not disappear when a visitor scrolls down the page. Look at Booking.com’s logo as an example. Here are some more features you want to make sure you include:


A picture is worth a thousand words. Without pictures, an e-commerce store will absolutely fail to attract audience. To execute the basic format of marketing, AIDA (attention, interest, desire and action), the first thing you need on your e-commerce website is high-quality graphics that convey the quality of your products.

Link to Social Media

After the right information and graphics on your products, the second most important thing on your e-commerce site is the link to your brand’s social networking platforms. The moment a visitor clicks on one of these links, he/she will be able to verify your social presence amongst the target market and make their decision to either go for your product/brand or drop the shopping decision.

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Contact Details

As soon as a visitor gets attracted to your site and develops an interest/desire, there is call for action (the AIDA rule). This call for action might pretty much be the need to contact a representative of your e-commerce site. However, not all visitors are patient enough to search for long for the contact number or email address or any other point of contact on your website.

So make sure that apart from the logo, the contact details of your e-store are very visible.  Apart from the email address and contact number, e-stores often include the option to chat live with a representative who can communicate instantly.

Payment Options

The more the options, the wider class of customers your e-commerce store will be able to entertain. Make sure that you communicate all the options of payment that you offer to your customers.

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Efficient Products Browsing Platform

Once a customer spends a certain amount of time creating an impression about your e-commerce store and the brand behind it, he/she considers the desired product for purchasing.

Deals and Discounts

Deals and discounts are usually the highlight for anyone and everyone who visits an e-commerce store. Who doesn’t like to get value for their money? While customers will be saving money, they will in fact spend more at your store than they would have had if there had been no discount, so your revenue and profits, both see an increase due to the D&D section.

The Latest

Nothing turns off a visitor more than the stagnancy of a website or portal. If you don’t regularly update e-commerce store in different ways such as products, graphics, sounds, etc., your store will be perceived as lagging behind its competitors and will soon be taken over.

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So make sure that you present your store as something that is always happening and has new things to offer (in case you don’t have anything new, just shuffle the current products/offerings, rename things and present in a new light).

Efficient Search Bar

Google has made us impatient with the idea of manually searching for information and even products. People instinctively look for a search bar to find what they have in mind. When your e-commerce store doesn’t help the visitor find what they are searching for, don’t you think the visitor will be tempted to search it elsewhere?

Related Products

Apply the art of upselling by suggestion related products to the visitor once they visit a certain product’s webpage. You can get an ecommerce store today. Don’t forget to have the above mentioned features in it!


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