Few Things To Know Before Renting Secure Self Storage

16 September of 2016

If you have a very cherished or valuable ornament that needs high security and protection, chances are that you’d want to secure a very tight safe for it. In some cases, it might just be that you’re relocating your residential destination to another newly proposed site. And may need to free up some space, park some of your belongings somewhere safe that you’d be able to access them whenever the need arises.

Here are well curated ideas that’ll indeed help you plan better, more so; choosing a very reliable place for the storage of your valuables.

  1. You’ll have to understand the differences between storage facilities

Keep in mind that no two storerooms are similar, even inside the same organization. There are incomprehensible differences between offices in efforts to establish safety, cleanliness, temperature control, good customer service, and accessibility of moving trucks and pressing materials. Keeping these few facts in mind will do nothing less than help you secure a suitable storage facility.

  1. Problem – Security gates and padlocks are relevant
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You’ll have to ponder and understand these clearly! With records from findings; it shows that most self-storage thefts are the aftereffect of an “inside job” by bandits disguising themselves as prospects. In real sense, criminals often will rent a storage unit just like you’re anticipating, then sit tight for an ideal time to go to work.

Once inside, they will generally cut various padlocks with bolt cutters, take what they need from customers under the nose of a clueless management head, then further replace the locks they cut with their own locks. In doing this, they’ll be able to continuously access the burglarized units again at a later date, if necessary. Furthermore, the robber can enter the property through the security door with his private gate code, much the same as whatever other genuine customers can do.

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Solution – Use Modern lock

So what would you be able to do to prevent this reprehensible nightmare? To begin with, ask every storeroom facility you approach with in the event that they permit their clients to padlocks or whether they’re into using the more advanced cylinder locks with not exposed hasp to be cut with machines.

Additionally, verify whether the office you are in conversation with has mounted security measures like alarms and CCTV cameras in its gates and every door ways to ensure maximum security. So they can know and keep record of the number of times a storage unit is accessed by anyone – be it a member staff, employee or customer.

  1. Ask for discounts on moving trucks
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Let’s assume you don’t have a personal moving truck to use for the journey, you will most likely need to lease one. A few businesses offer rental trucks to their clients. Since it is they who are leasing you the vehicle, it’s not a bad idea to request a discount on the rental of the truck. Any company who needs your business may even want to offer some complimentary miles.

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