Fiat and Chevy Options

12 March of 2015

Drivers are looking at a variety of sleek new driving options with the emphasis on performance, fun, and eco-friendliness.


Fiat is one strong contender in the categories of fun, fuel fitness, and power. In fact, gas mileage on virtually all FIAT models are very impressive. Whether it is the 500 Pop, 500 Sport, or 500 Lounge, Fiat’s fuel efficiency and gas mileage can’t be beat. You will get an incredible 40 MPG.

Yet saving money and being eco-efficient doesn’t affect the comfort and style of these cars. They are surprisingly roomy on the inside, come in smart colors, and have clever design that maximizes space efficiency.

 The engine design is possibly even cooler, that low mileage is combined with low emission, so the environment is as heartened as drivers’ wallets.

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Of course to save the most at the pump, some drivers are opting to simply avoid it altogether.FIAT’s 500e electric car has a lot of zip to go with its strong mileage. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in nine seconds. And at that 60 mph mark, the car can accelerate smoothly upward – all the way to 85 mph without a break. It can keep up this pace for up to a hundred miles before it needs recharging. Battery range isn’t affected by weather fluctuations, and the battery is fully warrantied for eight years.

 Fast and not in the least bit furious, FIAT offers strong driving incentives. But so does Chevy.

 Chevy Style

With a full range of cars to choose from at most reputable dealers like WBM of Arlington, including the Sonic, Cruze, Spark and Volt, Chevy is no slouch in the driver’s choice department.

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The Chevy Volt hybrid vehicle averages thirty eight miles on one lithium-ion battery charge, with gas mileage around 38 mpg to match. Drivers can climb in and simply go. After all, once the battery depletes, the gas engine kicks in, and generates enough electricity to recharge the vehicle. In short, the Volt serves up a truly efficient system, which gets about nine hundred miles from a single fill up. Impressed yet?  Short drives mean the Volt uses no gas at all if fully charged. That’s probably not a claim most vehicle manufacturers can make. The car is super for city driving in. it is easy to park, handle, turn.

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 Chevy has a number of other well-thought out and environmentally efficient vehicles too, such as the Cruz. This is a spacious compact with comfortable interior design and plenty of cargo room, and it boasts a solid 42 mpg gas rating.

 The Sonic sedan nearly matches the Cruz at 40 mpg, and is a spacious and cleanly aerodynamic vehicle.

 One more Chevy to check out from behind the wheel:  the bargain priced little sub-compact, the Chevy Spark. Up to 38 mpg is this small car’s average, and inside it feels bigger and roomier than its easy handling and slim profile attest.

 Chevy, FIAT – both stellar driving choices that make a sweet decision process for drivers.


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