Finishing A Basement Is The Best Way To Expand Your Living Space

22 October of 2014

Finishing a basement is a practical solution if the main living area does not have enough space for expansion. To go about it, make a plan in detail for the renovation project. It should include the expected costs of purchases, labor charges, the changes which need to be done and also the minor repair jobs may crop up. This allows you a clear overview of the project. Keep on updating it as the project progresses so that you can keep an eye on the goals and the budget. You should keep all the designing ideas which you have researched with you for later reference.

There is a lot which you can do with a basement. You can turn it into a TV room; the kids’ play area or an extra bedroom. It can be turned into a private gym, a studio or one’s own private office.

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If you are thinking of hiring a renovation expert, do the proper research on the internet where there are many websites which offer the services of basement remodelers. You can compare the terms and conditions of the different remodeling contractors and decide on the one that fits your vision and your budget.

You can also think of hiring a renovation consultant. They are affordable and can give more clarity to your vision of your renovated basement. While redoing the basement, make sure that any repair work which is pending in that area is factored into the cost while making the budget for Finishing A Basement.

In the case of old houses, where the electrical wiring may be old and damaged, hiring an electrician is a must. Proper wiring and electrical outlets should be provided for phones, computers, TV cables, etc. You should pay special attention to the arrangement of windows while finishing your basement so that proper ventilation is possible. This makes the arrangement energy efficient also.

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It is Advisable to Check for Dampness which can mar a Good Basement

The basement should have all the safety features. Smoke detectors should also be installed close to flammable appliances. Also, escape routes should be planned carefully so that in case of an emergency, the family does not get trapped there and can get to safety easily.

It is especially useful for when you have company over or if house guests are staying for some days. You should get the plumbing done accordingly if you decide to   get an extra bathroom made in the basement. Soundproofing your basement is also a good idea. If the basement has been already functioning as a furnace room, you need to accommodate the furnace safely and in such a way, that the air flow around it is smooth.

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Previously, basement walls were made in layers. They needed insulation, barrier against dampness, wood studs, taping and then painting or covering with wallpaper. This was a cheap but long drawn out method. It was also very messy to install so many layers. Now, many new basement finishing systems have been introduced which have all these layers built into one layer and they are easy to install. It may be a bit costlier but saves a lot of time and effort and is neater.


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