Four Business Lessons Learned From The Online Gambling Industry

10 June of 2019

Over the last decade, online gambling has gained popularity and become more widespread around the United Kingdom. While many may see gambling as frivolous, it follows many of the same principles as running a business. We spent some time gambling online, and here are some business lessons we learned while playing:

  • Understand the Stakes

Many people engage in online gambling, but not all of them play for the same stakes. At, there are dozens of different games like Poker, Roulette and Dragon’s Shard, but playing each of them comes at a different cost and offers a different reward.

Similarly, when beginning a new business endeavor, it is important to understand (to a reasonable extent), all the factors involved before engaging in the endeavor. This will ensure that there are fewer unforseen obstacles that can stand in the way of success. Also, with a firm understanding of the stakes, the entrepreneur is able to properly commit scarce resources with much less anxiety.

  • Take Risks, But Stay In The Game

In online (and brick-and-mortar) gambling, the best performing gamblers are those who are able to lose games as many times as necessary to get a win and a payout, without running out of money. They do this by placing very small bets, maintaining their gambling strategy and doing this in multiple occurences.

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The gamblers know that as long as they are able to keep betting without running down, sooner or later the payout they seek will find them. In the same way, business owners must be able to take on new and risky challenges with their business. However, they must make sure that no matter the results of the challenges taken, there is still some capital left to take another risk the following day.

  • Be Versatile

The companies that stay ahead in the Online Gambling industry, are those who are able to quickly adapt to what the market requires of them – whether in the area of branding or actual games/services offered. Websites like are constantly updating their software to keep their technology from getting obsolete, and offering new features and games to customers, to keep their experience of the online casino fresh so they don’t simply click over to a different website.

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This principle applies to doing business, as entrepreneurs have to make sure that every endeavour engaged in is relevant to the times, and is properly aimed at the target audience every single time. If the target audience changes its tastes or wants a different variant of what is being offered, the business owner must be ready to offer that variant as soon as possible.

  • Bet With Your Head

When placing sports bets on Online Casino platforms, gamblers often have to use the facts and figures of past performances in order to judge and wager how well the bet about to be placed might perform. The least successful gamblers allow their emotions to cloud their decision making; sometimes placing bets in ways that disagree with the statistics, because they have a pre-existing bias or emotional attachment to the position being played. This typically results in a loss to the house.

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The right way to succeed in business, and in the world of online gambling, is to ensure that bets on action plans are made with proper information – or the head, in this case – and not with emotions.

Running a business is very much like gambling online. Next time you endeavour in either, bear these tips in mind and you will definitely do well.


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