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15 September of 2015

Stevan and Ryan Kerr established Astrolabe Financial Group in 2011. Stevan attained his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Concordia University and Ryan attained a degree in Arts from Carleton University. They both hold the CFA charter. The two formed this group to address financial illiteracy in the country. They saw the need to help people address their personal financial goals, and the mean to reach those goals.

Through Astrolabe Financial Group, they help you figure out your financial position, your future targets, and how to achieve the financial targets. The group is determined to offer its clients sound financial advice, and address the financial illiteracy of the clients. It is a great concern that most of the people are unaware of their personal financial concerns. The anniversary of the group coincides with the Financial Literacy Month.

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Services Offered

Drawing a Financial Plan And Current Investments Analysis

Astrolabe Financial Group offers you a detailed financial plan to attain your financial goals, and address your main financial concerns. The plan captures methods to attain your goals. The groups give you a detail of your current investments. The costs of the investments are shown, and explained to you in detail, explaining how they affect your financial goals. Recommendations are given if necessary.

Personal Finance Education

The group provides you with personal financial education. This is achieved through well-organized workshops and seminars. Retirement options or vehicles, and workplace benefits are addressed. The workshop can also be tailored towards specific topics.

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Other services

Astrolabe Financial Group offers you financial services at any time. You can always contact the group for consultation services. Such services can include recent layoff options, paternity of maternity planning, retirement options, portfolio performance, and modelling income.

Astrolabe Financial Group charges are fair and affordable. Services are charged at $150 per hour flat rate with no compensation from any financial institution. The total cost is charged depending on the complexity nature of your demands. The charges, payment method, and period is negotiable to fit your budget and preferences. The group offers you an introductory service through a phone call for a period of 15 minutes. Advice is given, and you are able to decide if the services offered will be helpful to you as an individual.

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Astrolabe Financial Group is determined to help you achieve your financial goals by assisting you to make a sound financial plan, and make good financial decisions. The group also ensures you are financially literate. They offer comprehensive plans, and detailed education. You can always ask for any financial service and advice, the company will tailor their services to ensure you are fully satisfied with what they have to offer. You can never go wrong with Astrolabe Financial Group.

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