How Ennis-Flint Became A World Leader In Road Safety Materials

28 May of 2015

Ennis Flint, a world leader in the traffic safety and pavement marking industry, has been in the business since 2012. It is joined together by two companies – Ennis Traffic Safety Solutions and Flint Trading, Inc.

The company claims to develop products whose designs can withstand harsh weather conditions faced by some countries in the world. Since then it has made a commitment to maintain the safety and security of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers everywhere.

Here, an overview of the road marking paint by Ennis Flint will be provided. The company provides several types of paint with the following benefits:

  • Durable and quick to dry
  • Easily applied at temperatures as low as 40°F
  • Designed to be used with or without glass beads
  • Available in zone markings and low VOC formulations
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These include waterborne and solvent-based products which are commonly used on streets, highways, local roads and private properties. Their paint products are certified by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials or the AASHTO.

Waterborne Paint

Ennis Flint’s waterborne paint is said to be environmentally friendly, easy to use, and quick to dry.  It is manufactured using acrylic emulsion technologies. With its various applications, it can also be applied from temperatures as slow as 35°F to as high as 120°F.

The waterborne paint includes several types including standard dry, fast dry, high build, durasheen, and extended season.  All of these paint types have individual benefits depending on where the road marking paint will be applied. For example, standard dry paints are specifically designed for curbs, parking lots and asphalt surfaces, while high build paints are formulated for increased durability.

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Solvent-based Paint

Ennis Flint’s solvent-based paints are co-polymer based and designed specifically for streets, highways, rural roads and parking lots. This paint is also suitable for colder temperatures where waterborne paint cannot be used. They can be applied at temperatures near freezing. To dry the paint faster, it can be heated as high as 125°F and sprayed with airless or conventional sprays.

Every time the road paint fades, it is highly advisable to undergo repainting to avoid any unprecedented accidents, especially during the night. They are very helpful in improving traffic safety in areas that lack guides for drivers and pedestrians. Some examples would be rural areas and less populated residential areas that don’t have road markings. Although not many people pass by these areas, road markings can still be helpful because it may prevent any traffic accident from occurring.

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This is why it is also important to know the effectiveness of a paint product. For instance, their durability can determine how long they can last in streets where traffic congestion usually occurs. This also saves time and money because repainting an entire stretch of road markings can also be costly, especially for the major roads. In some cases, the use of glow in the dark road marking paint has also been explored.  Professionals say they are ideal to use especially during the night, but are costly as well.


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