How To Be Immune from Law Suits

04 February of 2017

Most people, except for attorneys, don’t like being inside a courtroom. Whether as a plaintiff, defendant or as a witness, it is generally not something to look forward to. When running a commercial establishment or when managing someone else’s business, law suits are somewhat of a constant dread. One of the easiest litigations to land in is intellectual property infringement.

There are all manner of copyrights in big and small business. There are also registered trademark pitfalls. Since businesses depend on intellectual property and public perception to survive, it’s important to play by the rules. A Trade mark lawyer should be involved in the branding decision to have all bases covered.

Cut-throat competition in certain goods and services means that every player puts their best foot forward. It also means that trademarks that have a growing market share are scrutinized and become targets for litigation. It’s therefore risky to run a marketing campaign with a brand that has not been duly registered or copy-written, whichever may apply.

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To become immune, businesses hire services from law firms that are experts in business law. They may procure services such as;

  • Getting a patent issued
  • Getting a Trademark registered or renewed
  • Getting a copyright licensed
  • Getting a service mark approved
  • Getting a company name registered

These measures prevent potential law suits by being the first to secure intellectual property or license to use it. This also includes the license to use a business name. Geographic jurisdiction applies, which refers to the area where the business gets its bread and butter.

When an idea is not completely new, it boils down to who approaches the state first to use a certain expression of an idea. Courtroom battles descend into a war of words on who owns the words. Having invested heavily in the image formed by those words, businesses play smart and protect those words.

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On the flipside, a business may have the upper hand with compelling litigation against a competitor about intellectual property. It means that court will most likely be avoided and a settlement will be reached. Businesses receive a payment of revenue lost to infringement of intellectual property. License fees will be due as long as the intellectual property is used.

Thus, after securing copyright or trademark, the corporate lawyers may also enhance revenues by;

  • Identifying works in which copyright or trademark is owned
  • Licensing copyrighted works to other legal entities
  • Licensing the use of trademarks
  • Conducting litigation against infringements
  • Pursuits of cancellation at the US Patents &Trademark Office
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In this electronic age, services are offered and processed online through secure portals. This drops the overheads of time and costs making legal aid fast and affordable. It is also a smart move towards going green. The amount of time and law suits saved and the convenience is why businesses engage a law firm early. It also turns out to be a strategic partnership.


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