How To Book A Cheap Trip

24 June of 2014

I like travelling around the world, but as you know when you travel overseas the most expensive things are your flight and accommodation. If you can save your money on this you can do more with less. Actually we have many chances to book and plan a cheap trip.

1.Do not Focus on only the Local Airport; look everywhere

If you are in Australia, you may think Sydney Airport is the place to start your flight, but maybe that isn’t the case. When I want to travel to India I go to Melbourne to catch a flight, and when I go to China I go to Brisbane. Why? Because the cheapest flights for my intended destinations were only at those places. With a domestic stopover ticket, you can save more money and visit that city if you have time.

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2.Do not head directly to One Airline even if you have Membership

That’s because they may let you choose only in their routes. In my experience, collect some newspapers with flight information and find their website and telephone to compare repeatedly. Many airlines will give the newspaper or website their discounts to catch your attention.

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3.Try to Book a “flight + hotel” Package

Many new hotels will have discounts like “book one flight, get one free night” to attract customers. They care about you, and will renew your hotel if you feel good from the first night, so why not take this into account? When you search on the travel website pay more attention to the “flight + hotel” package.

4.If you can Drive Try to Book a Campervan

When I travel around Australia I always book a campervan for transportation and accommodation. Many businesses are searchable on Google, but make sure their pick up depot is not far from the airport or city. The one I use in Melbourne call campervan hire melbourne is great.

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How To Book A Cheap Trip

5.Here are some Airlines which often offer a Sales Discount


Zoom、Air Transat;

German Wings、HLX airline;Wind Jet、My air;

Aerocondor airline;

Transavia, Corendon;



Pegasus, Onur Air;

Smart Wings;

Freedom Air;

1Time; Kulula airline;

Air Asia;

Tiger Airways;


Air Deccan;

Air Arabia.

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