How To Get A Lower Price On Your Auto Owners Insurance

29 December of 2014

Regardless of the job you have, the car you drive, or the money you have in the bank, no one wants to pay more for auto insurance than they have to. But, how do you go about finding the best auto owners insurance rates? And, does the cut rate policy that you find really offer you the coverage you need? There are a lot of things that go into coming up with an auto insurance premium. Here are some things you need to know in order to get the best rates on the best auto insurance policy.

Your Car

If you own an expensive, high performance car, you’ll pay more in insurance premiums than if you drive a family sedan. Also, the older your car, the less it is to insure it. So, if you want to pay less each month, drive an older, less flashy car.

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Know the Liability Limits in Your State

Find out what your state requires in terms of liability limits as well as the coverage requirements for your lender, if you have one, and stick with those limits. The more coverage you want, the more you will pay every month. Stick with the minimums to get the best rates.


If you want to pay less every month for your insurance, offer to take a larger portion of the risk by accepting a higher deductible. Some lenders will require your deductibles for your comprehensive and collision insurance to be $500 or less. But, if not, accept the highest deductible you feel comfortable paying in the event you have an accident.

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Know Your Credit Score

Many states still allow insurance companies to use your credit score to calculate your premium. This means that the lower your score, the more you’ll pay. This helps protect insurance companies against non-payment of premiums.

Comparison Shop

All insurance companies use a proprietary method for calculating risk and related premiums. Ask several insurers to provide you with quotes for the same policy and then compare. After you get your quotes, do a bit of homework on the insurers themselves to make sure that they don’t have a history for not paying claims, etc. You can also view an insurer’s complaint ratio using the NAIC’s Consumer Information Source website. Choose an insurer with a complaint ratio of 1 or less.

Get Discounts that You Are Eligible For

All insurance companies offer discounts. You can get discounts for safe driving, good grades, insuring multiple vehicles, having multiple policies and much more. Make sure that you talk to an agent and are getting all of the discounts that you are eligible for to make sure that you are paying the least amount possible.

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And these tips are just the start. In the end, it’s important to talk to a reputable agent when it comes to getting the right insurance policy at the best rate. Look for quality auto owners insurance companies San Antonio TX and get an auto insurance quote San Antonio TX today.

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