How to Structure an Academic Essay

02 August of 2017

If you still have doubts on how to structure an academic essay, I recommend that you continue reading this article and visit I’ll explain the structure of an essay and what each part should contain.

An academic essay, is a type of writing, in which the author has the possibility to put forward his ideas to transmit them to a receiver. During the presentation of the information, the ideas should be presented in an organized way. It would not be consistent to present a value judgment or an outcome at first if you have not even said the subject. The idea of ​​presenting the parts of information gradually lies in the fact that you are arguing your approach and you are convincing your readers that you are right. To do this, consider the following structure:


  • Introduction: As the word says, in this first block your entry intention is to introduce the reader to the topic. For this, you can use the context of the theme. In this way, the recipients will know, what the subject is and in what area it is. Like every show, in the introduction you can use your originality to capture the attention of the one who reads you. Remember that this will be your cover letter, and perfectly readers can take it or move on to another text. One of the strategies could be the use of examples, rhetorical questions that questions the reader. Also, in this section you must make clear why and why you did this research. In this way the readers will be clear about what your motives are and this will produce empathy.
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  • Development: In this section, you can broadly develop your idea or theme. For this, you can use the exhibition and argumentation. This will allow you to describe the object to be studied in explaining how the idea is constituted. Also, at this point in the text is where the persuasion and the sale of your idea comes into play. This is achieved through solid arguments that are present. To the extent that present arguments of weight your approach will enrich and convince the reader that the truth is in your hands. To gather all these allies, remember that you must first conduct a research phase that allows you to support your hypothesis. Likewise, you can give your opinions about the topic once you have explained and explained. With the integration of these three elements your essay will have that critical and academic rigor you want.
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  • Conclusion: In this last part of the essay you will give the last thrust. Remind the readers of your motives of beginning, the main arguments so that you can affirm what you originally considered hypothesis. That is, in this section, you will present the results, the findings, and the final ideas about a particular topic. In addition, you can state what were the learning that left you the research and possible suggestions and recommendations.
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  • References: According to the type of school and how to handle the presentation of the references. Attach the search sites so the reader can be sure of your sources of information. This will also give you a gateway to possible inquiries made by curious readers who want to expand the subject.


Follow this simple structure, and you will see how I guarantee and success of your essay.

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