25 November of 2018

Durability, style, and versatility are three words that describe the dress boot. You can dress it down casually, combat fall or winter weather with ease, and even dress it up for formal occasions. If you’re a gentleman that owns a pair, you can attest to how often you wear them and how much you enjoy them. Some consider the chelsea and chukka to be dress boots but today we’re talking about the traditional one that resembles an oxford, Balmoral, or even derby like below.

Quick Dress Boot History

The dress boot originates from the Victorian era as men often didn’t wear shoes but boots during the day and slippers in the evening. Black calf and patent leather were very common materials and the boots were made much longer. Shorter dress boots were kept for formal occasions and evening events. Nowadays they have a similar cut to an oxford or Balmoral and are worn more typically in the day time. Uppers on these boots are usually composed of a soft leather or suede and can include broguing. It has quickly become one of the most popular men’s boots in the past few years.

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How to Wear Dress Boots

We will begin with covering how you can pull these off incredibly with a casual outfit. During the fall especially, dress boots are great with laid back outfits because they add a rustic and rugged element. A classic look you can’t beat is dress boots, a sweater, and jeans. This is something you could wear while reading at a cafe, spending time with friends, or doing light activities.

Over the top throw on a leather jacket for a young and attractive image that’s sure to turn a few heads, especially when combined with a classic pair of RayBan sunglasses. Windbreakers can also be worn with this outfit easily and they are a great lightweight alternative. If it is a cooler fall day then break out a peacoat on top of this attire.

Just like the name suggests, dress boots can also be worn more formally. The key is to show less of it so it appears more as a dress shoe than anything. This means you could potentially wear them with a suit as long as you match it accordingly. Navy suits are best worn with brown dress boots, while for black and grey suits you should opt for a pair of black ones.

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A patent or calfskin leather are the best materials to get your boots in since they age well and have the most longevity. Suede looks marvellous but unfortunately will usually leave you defenceless against the weather. You will have to take extra steps to protect and maintain suede boots so do it if you’re up for the challenge. If you are a really big fan of suede footwear and insist, we suggest bringing them out only when you know the weather and activities will permit.

Why You Should Get Dress Boots

If you’re not sold on why you should have a pair of dress boots, here are some things to consider:

Durability: Boots are mean’t to take some damage and roughing up so you won’t have any trouble wearing them daily. They also usually feature thicker lining and soles that are created to be tough. In the end run you will save money because you will not have to keep replacing your boots.

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Style: They just look plain amazing. There’s nt denying that any gentleman that puts a pair of dress boots on will look better instantly. If you have some traditional menswear pieces like jeans and sweaters, you will put together fashionable outfits with ease.

Confidence: With the mix of a great appearance and durability, you won’t be worried about how they look or how long you’ll keep them for. Once you wear dress boots once you’ll be in love with them forever and how much they improve your style.

Dress boots will only make your life easier and fashion better. When looking for a pair, assure you get ones with quality leather and nice lining. You want them to look great and also keep you warm during the upcoming fall and winter. Style them with traditional menswear, suits, and always focus on fit and colour coordination. Follow these steps and you’ll be loving sweater weather more than anything.


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