Insurance Claims: The Process and Need For Hiring A Public Adjusters

28 October of 2015

Insurance may be a complex matter for some people to understand and for some claiming process can be no less than a nightmare. In a case of loss of property, be it commercial or residential there is a series of steps to be followed by an individual to ensure they claim the amount of loss from the insurance company. Yet there are cases where the claims are not passed or the policyholder does not get the legitimate amount for the loss. There comes the role of public adjusters who assist you in claim handling.

Who are these Public Adjusters?

Insurance Claims: The Process and Need For Hiring A Public Adjusters

  • Public Adjusters are not necessarily an attorney or a prosecutor. They are individuals who negotiate with the insurance companies to extract out the maximum benefits that you can have from your insurance policy in case of a damages caused to the assets like property, vehicle or health. They may be professional or people with high level of understanding of the claim procedures.
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Do I need them?

Insurance Claims: The Process and Need For Hiring A Public Adjusters

  • The exact time after the damage has occurred, the owner may not be in a state to handle the complex procedures of insurance claim process.
  • There may be case that the owner is going through a mental trauma, injured in the accident, or busy in relocation of house and family.
  • And therefore may not be capable of undertaking the complexities of the claim process.
  • The insurance companies are very strict with the time. They want the policyholders to report such incident right after the mishap and commence documentation.
  • Time delays may lead to rejection or no refund of the claim, which may not be an ideal situation for most of the policyholders.
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Generally, the insurance companies are fair towards their policyholders and resolve issues without any need for the Public Adjusters to intervene in the process. Hence you may need a Public Adjuster if the insurance company is responding well to your requirements.

How to Hire one?

  • You may encounter some of these Public Adjusters knocking at your doors, right after the incident. But is is advisable to go through a channel to review the whole situation, the first step being talking to insurance company for claim process.
  • There is a fair chance that the insurance company may clear all your doubts and hand over the check as soon as possible, because at the end of the day it is the money that you deserve.
  • Further, you can decide whether you need the help of an adjuster. Afterwards, you can contact the National association for recommendations to employ an associated member.
  • You may encounter people who want to collect information and present the chunk of load in front of the claims manager.
  • Thus, it may not add any real value to the case. You may perform background checks and verify by rechecking the Public Adjuster’s profile.
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Public Adjusters can negotiate on your behalf to get you the amount that can help in restoration of the normal functioning of life. You must have faith in the person as he or she can make all the difference in the settlement.

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