Interesting Business Laws from Around The World

22 April of 2020

If you ever began the journey of starting a business, you would have had to familiarize yourself with applicable laws. You had to plan your business actions around specific labor, and they have now become a norm to the way you do business. Although, some businesses in the world might’ve become accustomed to more peculiar laws than what you’re used to.

These regulations range from taxes to the logistics of business buildings. Although these laws might seem absurd to some micro-organizations, other companies have had to deal with these laws over time. Here are some of the most unusual business laws from around the world.

France: Google Taxes

The European governments have been thought of as some of the most protective over privacy, than any other country. This has led to their intensive controls over technological companies. Google has had to pay millions of dollars of tax because of the revenue they make off of European citizens without paying the necessary taxes.

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France had been the most prominent company in this attempt. They have considered charging ‘culture tax’ on devices manufactured by Google to collect taxes for cultural funds. The most recent news had been that of France’s affirmation that Google owes more than $ 1.35 billion in back taxes. This has been due to them circumventing tax laws by diverting its French revenue to Ireland.

India: The Industrial Disputes Act (1947)

Ever wanted to terminate employees’ employment because of a redundant surplus of laborers? Too bad. In India, companies with more than one hundred employees are required to seek government approval before dismissing them. The only exceptions are employees with habitual absence and misconduct.

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Even if a company has to close due to financial strain, they are still required to follow the necessary steps. The government then approves or declines permission for closing, despite any loss to the company.

Polk County: Weekend Work Release Program

Have you ever had an employee that was convicted of a felony? That would’ve meant that the employee had to suspend his work and serve in state prison. Luckily, The Polk County Jail has an alternative. Felons can resume their work during weekdays but are required to serve their sentences on weekends, as this article mentions.

Felons are required to report to the institution in Bartow, US, where they will stay on Saturdays and Sundays for 9 hours each day. Each person is to bring along $20 for supervision costs, as well as lunch each day and are not allowed to appear drunk. Here they must do the work that the deputy sheriff assigns to them.

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An unexcused absence will not be tolerated, as this program is a privilege. Absence should be accounted for by medical records, obituaries, or other confirmation documentation. Without a document, an explanation will not be considered.

The convicted party is not allowed to discuss a change in their sentence by calling a judge’s secretary. Having to work at your primary place of employment on weekends is not a valid excuse for missing the work release. It can lead to a change to permanent sentencing.

In Conclusion

All across the globe, there are various laws and regulations put in place for effective work. Although some might seem strange, they have proven to improve business performance and strengthen the global economy.

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