19 July of 2017

Ionic is an open – source framework which provides tools and services for the mobile app development. Ionic framework certification is getting very popular these days and if you are planning one you can take up Ionic framework certification in Singapore. Here are some basic concepts about the Ionic which one must know.

Ionic is a front-end development framework which is brought in use to build the hybrid mobile apps. One can package their application for Android, IOS, Windows phone and Firefox OS as well.  There are large sets of UI libraries consisting of components and the templates which make it easy for programmers to builds user-friendly apps. It has very simple lay-outs which mean starting your app is not at all a difficult task.

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In spite that it has a major drawback that it only focuses on the development of UI section of the mobile apps. So one has to rely on Angular which is responsible for the other aspects of the development. Despite its limitations these apps are developed in             a very sophisticated and a modular way, to develop apps without any loop holes. Also, the Ionic 2 has been introduced which takes care of the setbacks which were encountered at the basic level and we have other products as well which comes from the developers of Ionic, which can help to make task simplified and integrated. Mobile technologies are upgrading on a fast pace so there will no flaws in the near future.

Ionic came into existence to only provide required support to the mobile apps of hybrid nature. There are certain compatibility issues that ionic apps only work in an environment which are supported by Corodova for such problems the latest version of ionic makes sure that it is used across the development of web applications.

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The major components of this web development are application logic and the template development, a major support provider Angular is used for this purpose.  We also have Typescript, which is known for the super set of the popular programming language, Javascript.

If one is well-versed with HTML, CSS and Javascript you can completely understand the syntaxes in Ionic. They are very easy to understand and its simplified use makes it popular amongst the developers. Ionic developers are also working with Google developers to improve the framework and Ionic support group is always ready to provide any kind of support needed to make this framework more effective and efficient.  Ionic is an open source framework which is working to build the mobile as well as web based apps. The codes are written in different languages be it HTML, CSS or Javascript they can easily be done with the Ionic.  Apps developed under the Ionic are maintainable and can easily be updated. Ionic also handles look and the feel your apps require like the slick animation or the beautiful design in order to make it compelling. Thus making it one in all process or framework to build useful mobile apps.


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