Is Your Marketing Strategy’s First Impression Living Up To Expectations?

10 October of 2014

Marketing comes in all forms and varieties. Steps ranges from a person handing out flyers on the street to an extensive television campaign campaign are considered forms of marketing. When done right, a solid marketing campaign is going to deliver results. What is a successful campaign? Is it something very elaborate? Does it have to be extremely original? While these things help, nothing helps more than making a great first impression. As those at Bristol Who’s Who point out, a first impression is critical with any serious marketing strategy.

A great first impression is important for a host of reasons and, likely, the most important reason is people are going to be captivated by your marketing venture either at first glance or not at all.

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There are far too many images and promotional campaigns competing for the attention of the average consumer. If your ad endeavor makes a terrible first impression, well, the consumer who glances at it is probably going to dismiss it (and you) in seconds.

This outcome could occur with any and all poorly conceived marketing campaigns.

For example, let’s say you are using social media to promote your business endeavors. Certainly, this is a wise idea considering the huge audience you could potentially attract with a decent social media campaign. Unfortunately, you let the veneer of professionalism slip and share controversial articles and videos on your social media profile. These links become the first thing a visitor sees. Not particular liking what he or she sees, the visitor leave.

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That visitor was a potential customer who left with his/her discretionary income. Is the visitor going to return? Doubtful. Once you have made a bad first impression, there is no reason to give you a second chance. After all, you have scores of competitors out there who are capable of making great first impressions. Why would a turned off would-be customer not simply go to them instead of you?

Taking steps to improve the first impression you make on visitors is not all that difficult. Obviously, you want to eliminate the presence of anything that could be deemed controversial or a turn-off.

You also want your marketing message to be very loud and clear. Letting your audience know what type of product or service you are offering right at the beginning is strongly recommended. Confusion and clutter in a marketing message is not going to yield a positive impression nor is it going to promote any sales.

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Expanding your marketing campaign is also strongly recommended. Social media is just one method of online marketing that is effective. There are scores of others. Going beyond online marketing and exploring traditional promotional methods is equally recommended. The more expansive your marketing is, the greater the impression you just might create.

David Boxby brings his unique talents to Bristol Who’s Who after spending many years crafting marketing campaigns for clients and consistently writing on the same subject.

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