Laser Marking Manufacturers – Why It Pays To Go Direct

19 August of 2015

While it may be a comparatively niche subject and industry area, it has nonetheless never been easier to get hold of laser marking and engraving technology. According to the experts at Lotus Laser Ltd, more businesses and retailers than ever before are listing various machines and parts for sale which in most instances are going for their lowest prices to date. As the technology evolves, so too does demand for such machines from a wide variety of business areas and industries. But as is the case with most things, not all manufacturers are cut from the same cloth and neither are the products they sell.

When looking to pick up laser engraving or marking technology of any kind, there are basically two ways of going about things. One option is to buy directly from the manufacturer either direct or through their distributors, while the other is to pick up a machine from a third-party reseller. Of course, some would argue that there’s really no difference between the two as just as long as the machine you get is what you need, the outcome is the same. Nevertheless, there are distinct advantages with buying direct just as there are downsides to involving middlemen – especially where such important and complex machinery is concerned.

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So for those considering investing in a laser marking or engraving machine in the near future, here’s a quick rundown of the main reasons why it pays to buy direct:

1 – Initial Expertise

So right off the bat comes the rather obvious point that there literally isn’t anyone in the world that knows the products of a brand better than the brand itself. This applies to every brand in every field and every industry the world over – those researching, developing and producing the products know their products better than anyone else. In the case of the laser marking machine therefore, when it comes to initial advice and guidance with regard to what does what and which machine you should buy, there’s no better place to head than the source directly. A reseller may be well-versed in most areas, but unless they’ve been a part of the design and manufacturing process…which of course they haven’t…they can’t share nearly as much expertise as the brand itself.

2 – Custom Orders

More often than not, third-party resellers have something of a limited range of machines and products to choose from which can in turn limit the scope for those looking to make a purchase. In such instances, it’s a case of choosing a machine that fits the needs of the business as closely as possible, though accepting the fact that it may a) not be perfect or b) do a fair few things that are superfluous to the requirements. By contrast, when you head directly to the manufacturer there’s often the possibility of discussing custom orders. In these instances, machines are customised to fulfil the needs of the business flawlessly with nothing missed out and nothing unnecessary added.

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3 – The Lowest Prices

In terms of pricing, it’s worth remembering that third-party resellers don’t tend to do their jobs for free. Far from it in fact, which in turn means that in order to pay their own wages and expenses, it’s inevitable that the prices of the products they sell will to a moderate extent at least be hiked-up. In about 99% of instances…at least where quality brands are concerned…buying directly from the manufacturer means buying at the lowest possible price. No mark up, no commission and no fee for the services you could have easily done yourself – buying direct almost always amounts to lower costs.

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4 – The Fastest Fulfilment

One of the other key benefits of buying direct is the way in which the orders placed can be fulfilled in the fastest possible time. When you think about things in a logistical sense, involving a middleman of any kind does little other than double the complexity of placing the order in the first place. Instead of placing the order directly, you place it with someone else who then has to go and place the order with the brand supplying the machine. So really, it’s just a case of common sense to work out that to place orders directly will almost always result in faster fulfilment.

5 – On-going Aftercare

Last but not least, when and where you buy a quality machine from one of the best brands in the business you are largely guaranteed to be provided with a long-term aftercare plan and plenty of on-demand assistance. By contrast, when you buy through a middleman or reseller, it might be a case of relaying any questions or concerns through them in order for them to be passed onto the brand itself. Again, this makes no sense logistically and stands to do little more than cause wholly avoidable problems.


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