Marketing Versus PR: What’s The Difference

14 July of 2014


The method of promotion, selling or distributing a product or service; the work of moving product from supplier to buyer.

Public Relations

Encouraging public understanding  and a good track record towards a particular company and its items or services.

Marketing success depends mostly on increasing the product sales and income, whereas public relations success is depends mostly on the levels of trust, understanding and information sharing regarding the product behavior among each public. Marketing often requires a shorter-term view, working to “make the numbers” on an every week or monthly basis. Public relation used properly – requires a long run view, because meaningful relationships require time to develop.

Depending on the size of the company, someone from human resources or the marketing and communications division would be responsible for writing it up. If a company doesn’t have an inner recruiter then marketing team take the responsibility definitely be on call. Your public relations  would never write job descriptions for the company. It’s too intimate.

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The job of PR is to tell the best possible story about you to the world. If they saw how the bread was made, this would be a deal-breaker.

Here are Some Key  Areas of Differences


Traditionally discussing, marketing is paid advertising  and PR is 100 % free coverage. Many corporations have marketing groups or  budgets, with PR lumped somewhere inside, but this is usually for logistic management reasons rather than because PR abilities are a part of marketing skill.

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Marketing projects typically need financial investment, whether to purchase advertising space or enact a campaign, hence the need for assigned funds and sources. PR, however, can in fact be cost-free, as it is mostly targeted at getting newsworthy information chose by other sites, such as social networking or reporters, successfully marketing your product.


While both marketing and PR are interaction campaigns designed to increase business and promote an item, their chief goals are not the same. Promotion concentrates on the market and developing sales; PR concentrates on building relationships and trust.

Marketing is about pushing the items or services a company provides, particularly in a way that attracts the audiences. Compare that with PR, which “is about developing positive connections with the public mainly through visibility and protection in the media, for example, paper, stereo, and TV newscast interviews,”

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When it comes to, content, marketing is all about spin finding the right creative position to package items or solutions in a way that attracts the audiences. PR, however, is more no-nonsense, traditional, with the overall tone of a press release or a news story. Content is  what does the perform in marketing, interacting and informing the customer; but the content is just the beginning with PR, where the goal is to create something newsworthy and attention-grabbing that can be expanded.

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