Meet The Speaker Who Converted His Dream Into A Reality At NPC 2015

23 June of 2015

“Dream until your dreams come true” and some people took it quite seriously. Indians have always been ahead of the herd in every possible thing, be it science, arts or technology. Some of the greatest inventions were done in India, by the Indians and there is simply no doubt about the capabilities of the people of this nation.

Remember the movie “Guru” by Mani Ratnam? The film was loosely based on Dhirubhai Ambani and it tells the story of Guru Desai (Abhishek Bachchan) and his quest to success. He had dreams and although he faced troubles, he made it big at the end. Not only “Guru” but there are many more such movies which depicts the urge of common people doing something extraordinary. NASSCOM has always appreciated such ambitions of entrepreneurs and with NASSCOM PRODUCT CONCLAVE, it tries to portray the grandeur of such people in front of all the aspiring businessmen so that it becomes easy for them to get on with their dreams and aspirations.

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At NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015, there will be few well-known entrepreneurs as speakers who made it really big in the field of technology and innovation. Let us take a sneak-peek into the life and dreams of one of the most eminent entrepreneurs who didn’t let his dreams remain just dreams.

Pallav Nadhani

What happens when a 16 years old boy is unhappy with Microsoft Excel’s charting capabilities? FusionCharts is born! And this 16 years old boy was Pallav Nadhani. He founded Infosoft Global at the age of 17 in 2002 and he was the sole person to deal with everything related to the company. Gradually, he acquired an office space in Bangur and hired 20 employees. In 2009, the office shifted to Salt Lake City, Kolkata and 50+ employees started working for it. In 2011, FusionCharts opened its second office in Bangalore. FusionCharts was named among the 15 companies likely to become the next Infosys in 2010. It already achieved a lot of success and Pallav Nadhani is among the few youngest, under 30 successful entrepreneurs in the country.

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Pallav Nadhani, a Marwari, was born in Bhagalpur. At that time, the only luxury which he enjoyed was his computer. He studied at Mount Carmel School and his computer gave him a “cool” status, according to him. His friends would visit home often to play games and although the computer belonged to his father which he used for accounting, Pallav would spend countless hours with it. His cousins would come to his place to take computer classes from his father and when everyone else at home would sleep at night, he would read the computer books of his cousins. He became hugely interested in computers and he started learning the instrument on his own. This dedication and passion for computers led him develop FusionCharts in the coming years.

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Reading about him is truly motivating, isn’t it? So, can you imagine how enriching it will be to attend a talk session with him? Yes, the NPC 2015 will have him as a speaker and registering in the event will let you enjoy a few hours of absolute association with such an enigmatic personality who went ahead and followed his dreams.

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