Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Guitar

19 March of 2019

Purchasing a guitar can be very expensive especially if you have a liking for quality. Therefore, you cannot just wake up and purchase something that might not suit you. You may have been inspired by someone to play or probably you want to advance and therefore need an instrument with good sound effects. You don’t have to make the mistakes others have done. This article highlights some of these mistakes that you should avoid when purchasing a guitar.

The wrong sound

When purchasing a guitar, you are presented with three choices; it is either the old classical nylon string, the acoustic, or electric. Many people are of the opinion that as a beginner, you should start with the simple acoustic guitar and slowly build up toward the electric type. However, this might not be the case for you, you may need one that would give the best of the songs you like playing or listening to. It could be the “Foo fighters” or the “Green day” and for these and such, you will definitely need an electric guitar for the best of sound effects. However, if you are a friend of the Jack Johnson or Taylor Swift, then, an acoustic guitar would work perfectly for you. It could be your child of less than twelve years that you’re buying for, get a nylon stringed guitar for them, it is easy to play.

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The biggest mistake you should avoid here is choosing a guitar without consulting the user and ignoring the sound quality.

Getting the wrong size

Just like any other instrument, the size of a guitar matters a lot. When it comes to this aspect, many people get it wrong. Electric guitars are usually smaller than any other and therefore many people can use them but it is important to consider the extra weight. Most of the electric guitars weigh five to six kilograms, and this might be too heavy for the young ones. Thus, visiting the guitar shop might be the best option. Here, you’ll get to choose from a variety and get the size and weight that would make you comfortable. The age of the player, height and sometimes the gender are some of the determinants of the size.

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Purchasing a guitar with strings that are too hard and high to play

If you need a guitar that would be easy to play, you need to consider the string action. This is the gap between the bottom of the string to the top fret. This is usually measured at the twelfth fret. Most entry-level guitars have their necks built in a traditional manner and therefore quite uncomfortable. In fact, it may lead to your neck bowing after some time, and it’s not easy to adjust it. The truss rod type is a better one, and can be adjusted if the neck bends with time.

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With a guitar, you need to choose one that will allow you to play comfortably and produce the best of sound effects. Getting a quality one doesn’t mean spending a fortune, nope, you only need to visit the right guitar shop and there you’ll get a variety you can choose from.


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