Modern Day Molding Marvels

26 December of 2014

Stucco is a material that can be molded when wet. It becomes a strong solid upon drying. Stucco is used in constructions and also for architectural purposes. A stucco coating can be applied on any wall or surface to beautify it. It is similar to plaster and mortar, in composition, which are also widely used in constructions. Traditional and modern stucco vary slightly in composition. Portland cement is incorporated in the production of modern stucco.

In the recent past stucco was available in a limited number of colours. However, today stucco is offered in a wide range of colours. The different colours in traditional stucco were the result of pigments of additives which made the coating strong. On the other hand modern stucco owes its tints and shades to the addition of artificial colouring. Stucco has been widely used from olden days where many ancient cultures brought it into use. It served artistic as well as architectural purposes. During the renaissance period a few artists are known to have used stucco extensively. Stucco has since been used to coat the inner and outer surfaces of buildings and structures to make them strong and robust. The incorporation of stucco drastically increases the life of any architectural structure.

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A stucco molding can be used to make various parts of a building like columns, sills, keystones, bands or trims. All these elements are molded from stucco and then are given the required design or shape. Keystones are the elevated central structures of arches, which hold the entire arch together and help in the formation of the curve. Sills are the base of windows and doors. Columns are pillars which are used to support the entire frame of a building.  The aforementioned elements are vital for the construction of all architectural structures. Without the incorporation of stucco these vital building elements would not be as sturdy and would result in a poorly constructed structure. All integral or supporting structures can be built of stucco and then attached to the rest of the construction. Stucco moldings are also used to create decorative design elements which adorn walls or ceilings.

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Stucco is highly customizable due to the fact that it can be molded easily. Therefore, custom stucco moldings are quite popular. Individuals desire aesthetically appealing design elements or structures that are also sturdy. Stucco lends a hint of opulence and grandeur to even relatively simple and modest structures. This is precisely why it has become a preferred material in the contemporary construction industry. Today, several individuals and organizations face an identity crisis. To efficiently display their uniqueness and to define themselves businesses and individuals resort to the extensive use of customized moldings made from stucco. Residencies and offices that have been built using stucco and its moldings stand out, attract and amaze instantly.

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In a nutshell, stucco is the perfect combination of strength and durability, which offers endless possibilities of personalization, thus, contributing towards its extensive use and popularity. Stucco and its moldings are modern day essentials for any construction.

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