Moving Checklist; ‘To Do’ List Of Before Hand Moving Activities

03 January of 2017

Moving is a tough job; expensive and stressful experience simultaneously. The happiness and the excitement of moving to a new place, to a new house can turn into a nightmare in few moments if things are not planned well. Moving is a long process and you need to be prepared. The actual preparations begin a month before the actual moving day.

Here is a guide to ‘to-do’ activities to help you out for a great moving experience.

Things to do before Moving

Leaving everything for the last moment makes the work messy and stressful, make sure you’re prepared before the actual moving day.

Here is a list of activities you need to do before-hand:

  • Sort and purge: Moving is a great opportunity for you to take your time out and get rid of the waste accumulating in the house. Get rid of what you don’t want, and keep things which you want.
  • Finish supplies: Start finishing things which you can easily purchase everywhere and which you don’t want to move like your food supplies and cleaning supplies.
  • Organize school record: Go to your child’s school and arrange for the transfer of documents and records to their new district school.
  • File a change of address application: Visit the post office and file an application for the change of address from the old one to the new one.
  • Forward medical records: Arrange copies of medical records and forward them to new health care providers in your new city.
  • Notify other important parties:  Inform important parties like banks, your office HR, brokerage firms and other newspaper or magazines that you’ve subscribed to about the change of address.
  • Order supplies: Order packing cardboard boxes, tapes, and bubble wrap that you’re going to utilize for packing your things.
  • Begin packing: Start packing your things to avoid last minute rush to avoid stress. This process starts a week or two before moving.
  • Prepare an inventory: Prepare a list of items that you’re moving to avoid any future confusion leading to conflicts. Keep a binder to manage your receipts, bills and estimates.
  • Label boxes: Label boxes to remember items inside the box and help movers understand for which room it’s meant for.
  • Separate valuables:Collect and transport valuables with yourself in a separate box such as jewelry, important files, and other belongings that you can’t risk losing.
  • Ask for an onsite estimate; Call them up and ask for their estimate cost, don’t trust telephonic rates and ask them to visit your place and get the total expenditure on paper.   
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How to Select a Good Moving Company

The process of finding a good mover is daunting, but with proper research, things are going to end on positive note. While choosing a mover you’re trusting the company with your valuables and your expensive belongings, and believe that they are going to keep it safe, deliver it to the new house without damaging them.

  • Take recommendations:Ask your friends and neighbors who have prior experience of moving or have good contacts with moving professional and call them up and get rates for comparison.
  • Experience:How long has the company been in business. You won’t like to take the risk of your expensive belongings and let some inexperienced newbies mess with your stuff and damage them.
  • Legitimate movers license:If you’re moving from one state to another you must look for movers who have interstate movers license. Every company that offers interstate moving provides you with a unique US DOT license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation
  • Background check: Quickly go online and do a background check. Find out if the moving company you’re choosing is a member of American Moving and Storage Association (, 703-683-7410, [email protected]). If a moving company is a member of AMSA, they agree to abide by the rules laid off by the organization.
  • Look for reviews; good and Bad: Look out for reviews about your movers, this will give you an idea if you’ve opted for a good company or not. Ignore hoax reviews about the company.
  • Do they pay if they damage your belongings: Make sure the movers insure your belongings in case they get damaged in the process of moving.
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Compare the rates: Ask quotations from different companies, compare the rates and go for the legitimate ones. Don’t choose movers just because they are cheaper, responsible movers may charge you a bit high, but they will be worth it.  

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