Philanthropy: The Importance Of Giving Back As An Influential Leader

09 April of 2015

It is important that influential people show they care about the communities and world that allowed them to become what they are today. Here are some of the other many reasons why philanthropy should be a part of any success story.

Giving Back Shows Compassion and Makes you a Better Person

Helping others feels good, and learning how to improve the lives of others through philanthropic acts helps a successful person remain grounded. As a person becomes more successful they are often able to do more. Those that are influential can call upon large numbers of people to gain recognition for a cause. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar  for founding the Gede Foundation, which offers education and clinical services to help combat the ravages of HIV and AIDS in Africa. The Gede Foundation offers services to those that normally have no resources available to them. Gede is unique in that it addresses every aspect of the stigma attached to being HIV positive. Positive mental health can influence how well patients deal with living with HIV.

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Philanthropy Comes in Many Forms

All too many people associate philanthropic acts with money. Although money can help achieve goals, there are many ways to help others. Philanthropy can be a part of any person or business though volunteerism or small fiscal donations, or in-kind giving. You don’t have to give a million dollars or even set up a foundation. These actions can have a positive impact on the lives of others. Small philanthropic acts can add up to big changes. Organizing others can also make a big difference. For example if you have a small company you might have a few days a year where everyone volunteers for a cause. It can be cleaning up your community or helping create a garden at a school. Once exposed to giving back, a community or business is then likely to continue with philanthropic causes.

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For a Business, Philanthropy Means Everyone Wins

Charitable acts are some of the best advertising a business can invest in. Customers and clients are far more likely to frequent businesses that give back to the community by showing they care about far more than just increasing their profits and taking what they can. Philanthropy can also help your business attract and retain a higher caliber of employee. Bill and Melinda Gates founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; its aim is to help fight poverty and extreme hunger all over the world.

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Making the World a Better Place One Kind Act at a Time

Positive changes have to begin somewhere. Getting started giving back to those around you is not hard. Finding a cause that you can really connect with is a good place to start. Perhaps you have always had a passion for the environment or have endured seeing a family member suffer from an illness and always wanted to do something about it? There is no better time than today to get started making the world a better place.


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