Real Estate IDX: Top Benefits For Real Estate Agents and Buyers

22 January of 2015

If you are in the real estate business and putting up a website, a real estate IDX is a must. It will be the soul of your online presence and will be the magic ingredient if you want to make those sales.

An IDX or Internal Data Exchange makes a multiple listing service that shows property listing possible on your website. Companies who offer custom IDX solutions have innovated the way real estate IDX is done. Before, such elements are framed on a website and not really incorporating actual listings to the indexed content. Now, real estate listings are much more attractive while helping with the SEO part of your website.

If you will be tapping experts to provide custom IDX solutions, here are some benefits:

Lead Tracking and Lead Management

Your real estate IDX will allow you to monitor the actions of users. When you are able to track users, you are able to understand their behavior and give you an idea of their buying needs. Such data are crucial to what offers you would present to them.

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Aside from tracking your leads, a good real estate IDX will also allow you to create alerts and notes to mark your most important leads. In case you want to have a quick interaction with website visitors, you can also set up a lead chat platform.

Real Estate IDX: Top Benefits For Real Estate Agents and Buyers

Always Informed About the Market

As a real estate agent, you want to have a good overview of what’s happening in the market. Some features can be activated to do just that and help you snag the latest market data and keep track of changes in prices. You can also have a market snapshot that will tag properties as sold or still on active listing.

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Indexable IDX

Your multiple listing services will be crawled by bots of all major search engines. With properties being indexed, your website will have a good chance of appearing on top of search engines. This of course translates to more property buyers finding you over the internet. And in any real estate campaign, it is a numbers game, more quality leads may mean more sales and profits for you.

You can also add a property site map that can even further boost your good standing with search engines.

Future Development

Most real estate IDX developers now make use of open source platforms that give you a good foundation for future developments. When in discussion to create custom IDX solutions, discuss with your provider whether Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress will best fit your needs. Each CMS will have its pros and cons, but you can explore thousands of plug-ins that you can use for free or pay for to improve the functionality of your site.

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A real estate IDX is also great when you can maintain a blog. Provide original and useful content to your customers and readers. This will help establish your credibility and authority in a very competitive real estate market. Share your expertise by giving tips, discussing current market trends, or giving practical advices that will help you build a following and potentially attract more property buyers and sellers.

Galtlinedesign is among the most trusted brands in real estate web development. We provide custom IDX solutions such as real estate IDX that will help boost your sales.


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