Singapore The Top Destination For US Investors

21 January of 2015

Singapore has become the most popular destination for US investors, outperforming even china for the attention of many US companies. This is due to the hospitable business conditions as well as the amazing location nearby all Asian markets. And size means nothing to Singapore, which is rather tiny yet an amazingly powerful nation which is admired throughout Asia. As more American companies invest in Singapore and place branch and subsidiary offices within the company, the nation continues to grow stronger and well-versed in numerous talents which offer companies many different benefits.


Even though Singapore is only a city-state, in 2013 it was the USA’s 13th largest market for exports and trade has only increased between Singapore and the US. They have partnered together in ongoing negotiations pertaining to the Trans-Pacific Partnership between 3 continents and 12 countries, pushing higher standards and comprehensive free trade. This partnership has opened many agreements pertaining business and trade between the US and Singapore equaling more investments going into the tiny city.

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Investment Opportunities

Singapore is just one of the best Asian markets for US companies with hopes of expanding into Asia. There is virtually no corruption in this English speaking society which makes the market easy to navigate while remaining small. This makes Singapore a great trading hub for the region and works well for the US style of business. There are currently over 2,000 American businesses and companies in Singapore that have regional or global responsibilities as well as working alongside many Singaporean companies.

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As the symbiosis between the US and Singapore grows stronger, more investment opportunities will begin to rise all throughout Singapore. And while manufacturing and services continue to grow, new skills are being taught to make the market richer in talent for foreign businesses to take advantage of. This makes things much more convenient for major businesses who don’t want to relocate current employees to Singapore and the citizens of Singapore benefit from having more jobs to choose from in many different markets.

Why Invest In Singapore?

While some companies may be wondering what is so special about Singapore and why they should invest in this tiny city-state, others are jumping at the chance to place offices within this tiny country. This is due to the close proximity of both China and India which are rich markets that many companies take advantage of. Investing in Singapore is a chance to earn more money and boosting profits within a more global market in the Asian countries as well as creating a partnership between themselves and this small country. Since Singapore is the best location for a central trading hub for many businesses, it would only make sense to invest in the country and helping it grow and flourish to the companies benefit.

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Why invest in Singapore? Why not invest in Singapore? Many companies who do see a tremendous growth in profits just from gaining access to the Asian market and continue to globally grow their companies.


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