Smart and Easy Condo Living For Couples In Their 20s

27 December of 2016

A couple in their 20s and living in a condo together sounds like a great, romantic life. Being located in economic centers, having lots of quiet moments in a comfortable space, fulfilling big dreams together—these are just some of the reasons why many young couples have the best time living together in a condo. But this wonderful life can be stressful if as a couple you feel lost in the hustle and bustle of the city jungle. A young couple’s guide to living in a condo is just what you need. Here are 10 smart and easy tips to living the best condo life with your partner.

  1. More Than Saving, Maximize Investing

One of the best things about a great condo lifestyle is also the one often overlooked by couples: investing. You more or less already know the importance of saving, but investing is a whole new strategy to ensure financial security. On its own, renting or owning a condo is already a wise investment. Having a condo is a real estate investment that has productivity-related benefits such as being near to work and having access to modern conveniences. Be a smart investor by knowing what other schemes are best for you and your partner. You may begin by discussing options with your bank or a knowledgeable financial adviser.

  1. Decide On Whether to Rent or Buy

Establishing a career and being in a relationship are two of the surest signs for couples in their 20s to rent. But you also may have wondered if owning a condo is the wiser decision. How to decide between renting or buying? A general rule of thumb is to assess your own needs and the condo property. For instance, if you plan on moving to a bigger condo space in the future like Tivoli Garden Residences, Azure or Shore Residences, then renting, for now, is the better choice. Another important aspect to consider is if your condo has a  high value. If such is the case, buying a unit is smarter. Remember that there is also the option of renting-to-own that you and your partner can look into.

  1. Communicate and Continually Learn from Each Other
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Smart and Easy Condo Living For Couples In Their 20s

The many benefits of condo living with your partner are jeopardized if you don’t grow together as a couple. Oftentimes, it is the small things such as poor communication that lead to a breakup. The fact that you’re sharing one space makes good communication all the more necessary. Talk about personal or practical issues in a level-headed manner. Communicating and continually learning from each other can ensure that have the best condo life together.

  1. Make Use of the Condo Gym Together

Going to your condo gym is a great way to sustain a healthy lifestyle with your partner. You know that what’s great about a condo lifestyle is how it manages to be ideal for many types of people who rent. But no matter the profile, everyone gets to enjoy modern facilities to support their well-being. Using your condo gym as a couple can be vital for a life centered on togetherness and health.

     5. Keep Your Space Clean and Organized

Smart and Easy Condo Living For Couples In Their 20s

The art of organizing is essential for any couple who wish to make the most out of their rented condo. While some couples may find it challenging to keep a well-organized unit, it is actually much easier than you might think. One simple tip to bear in mind is smart division with containers. Make all of your personal stuff organized by using containers of different shapes and sizes. Once you get the hang of it, your own organizing system will feel like second nature and not a chore at all.

  1. See How it Goes with a Pet
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Smart and Easy Condo Living For Couples In Their 20s

Having a pet in your condo is a fantastic idea. Apartments for rent nowadays are conducive to pet-lovers given the nearby establishments like pet clinics and outdoor parks. Owning a cat or a dog is great for couples who are still deciding on whether or not they want kids. For other couples, having a pet in their condo can strengthen their caring instincts and add positivity to the space.

  1. Throw a Weekend Pool Party With Family and Friends

Being in love with your partner means creating happy memories together. It also means that these memories are shared with people close to your heart, such as family and friends. Your condo space can be great for hosting indoor parties, but an outdoor weekend party by the condo pool can be extra fun. Who can say no to the combination of water and great company? Make use of your condo pool and create memorable activities with people dear to both of you.

  1. Tailor-Fit Your Condo to Your Design Taste

Smart and Easy Condo Living For Couples In Their 20s

Condo leasing allows couples to create a life together that is tailor-fitted to their own sense of style. Play up your imagination by choosing the best decor that can transform your space into your version of nirvana. Get inspiration from your condo’s amenities and surrounding.From modern museums to art stores, you have plenty of options to explore with your partner. You can consider replacing the usual white walls with a more vibrant color. or bring nature in with an assortment of house plants.

  1. Have a Romantic Out-of-town Vacation
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Smart and Easy Condo Living For Couples In Their 20s

A dinner date in your own condo is one of the easiest and most romantic events. Sometimes, however, you feel the need as a couple to explore more. Modern condo living may have inspired you with the many possibilities of a great life together, and going on a romantic out-of-town vacation may be just what you’re looking for. It can be out of the country or somewhere nearer to your condo’s location. Going on a journey with your partner can recharge the relationship and satisfy your desire for adventure.

  1. Support Each Other’s Individuality and Personal Space

Smart and Easy Condo Living For Couples In Their 20s

One of the indications of a great relationship is how you can love one another even during quiet, individual moments in your condo. Work  can sometimes be stressful, and both of you need “alone time” to regain balance. Support each other’s emotional health by learning to give personal space when needed. Remember, however, that you can have personal space even while doing activities together. Watching a movie your partner has chosen in the comfort of your condo is a good example of expressing support for your partner’s individuality.

Following these tips for couples living in a condo can create a better life for you and your partner. After all, condo living is only as good if you maximize your lifestyle and routines based on your love for each other and the values you share. Always remember that being in your 20s should be the time of your lives; try to live it together to the fullest.

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