Sweet Summer Time

25 April of 2015

Warmer weather is coming and everyone is looking for ways to stay cool. We can’t all afford large pools or brand new top of the line air conditioning units. So we have to look for ways to cool our homes without the big price tag attached to it.

Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

There are several options to consider that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to keep your home cool in the summer. A lot of these options are energy efficient and will help you cut your energy bills during the summer. The best thing to consider is keeping heat out of your home from the beginning instead of paying thousands of dollars to get it out after it is already in your home. The first thing to consider is installing an awning Laval, awnings reduce the amount of heat that enters your home. By adding awnings to your home, you will add more shade to your home and help to save your furnishings from sun damage. Planting trees around your home to add shade can help make your home cooler or even planting vines that grow on the walls of your home can make the inside a lot cooler.

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Planting trees and vines are a cheap way to cool your home permanently. Other things to change are adding ceiling fans and opening windows. With open windows, warm air can leave your home. Ceiling fans are very affordable and they move air that evaporates moisture and makes your home cooler. Other options to cool your home could include: painting your roof white to reflect UV rays and not absorb them, install shutters or outdoor blinds, or installing an attic fan. By deflecting UV rays from your home, it will stay cooler inside. Another thing to consider in the hot months of summer is not cooking inside.  When you cook the stove gets your home very hot and it is already hot outside. By avoiding cooking on the inside, you can keep your home cooler.

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As a homeowner, we are always looking for ways to cut cost on bills, add value to our homes, and keep our family comfortable. Adding awnings, painting the roof, or installing outdoor blinds all adds value to your home and helps to keep your home cool and your family comfortable. When looking to start any home improvement projects check with a professional to get an accurate quote on how much your project will cost. When you use a knowledgeable professional they will be able to confidently tell you what materials and tools are needed, what license or permits are needed to complete your project, and what options are most cost effective for you and your family.

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