The Complete Role Of Auditing Companies And What Are They Entitled

22 August of 2014

Governments through legal acts make it mandatory that certain firms, over and above the prescribed threshold of a marked capital, should subject themselves to an Annual Audit whereby the compliance is adhered to and by the other the prospects of business are analyzed and put on proper track.   As imperative companions the stipulation is that only an auditing corporation is eligible to carry this inspection ala assessment given their reliability, knowledge, expertise, system in force, the art to do it and many parameters that nobody else possess.  And without introduction there is more what one should read from here and namely the role of the auditing companies and their significance for an incorporated company and its development.

The Scope Of Auditing And The Dos and Don’ts of the Companies 

Nothing helps than the knowledge as how these corporations get to delegate and start the operations on behalf of a company and thereby representing anything for its business slowly.  Big companies and conglomerates who have share capital, the system in them is the shareholders or those who have invested in the company should appoint the Auditing company, and so that the independent act of checking the accounting system in vogue begins and the internal controls are inspected for their trustworthiness.   Every audit company from then on start discharging their duties more objectively and independently considering only work on hand and standing free from needless interference from the business quarters.  Basing their judgements on principles and not on personal desires they exercise duties with concrete goals and absolutely with no influence because of the commercial interests.  They are independent people with no relationship to the management and are purely unbiased on all their decrees and its effect.  Demonstrating a high calibre, there’s no vested interests and all actions are neutral.  The responsibilities as misunderstood in various sectors, they are people, individual or team who ensure that the accounting in practice for the business complies with auditing standards, is operated on standard and fair principles,  and making themselves to the Audit protocols as enshrined in the Companies Act.   Providing a transparent, true and fair view of the business’s primary and overall financial affairs a profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow and notes all get endorsed through them before the final disclosure.  Presenting every material with errorless statements, reports and riders they combine the concrete picture of financial adaptability and revealing their scope of responsibilities.  Furthermore having studied all these, a distinction of what these people do and do not is a right step in understanding the ethics of the profession and their limitations.  As auditing procedures their DO’s: inquiring the management,  its operation, its reporting, evaluating and understanding the control system, performing analytical assessments on variances in balances, testing documentation, observing the inventory, and confirming account receivable and others from third parties. Post completion of an Audit, the auditors may also offer an overall objective advice, if needed, so that the reporting and controls goes a long way in improving performance and efficiency. The DONT’s are that Auditors do neither authorize, execute nor complete active or dead transactions, never prepare or edit source documents, never assume custody, do not establish or maintain controls, never come near usual recurring activities,  shall not be binding on reporting, never approve, and never play a active role inside or for the company directly or indirectly.  Every preparation of financial statement, the recommendation of a particular relevant accounting system, the internal controls needed, the reporting on the management policies and their efficiency he Auditing companies have no role in these too either. And it stops there with the discharging of what have been written and nothing new suggestive except to correct it as much as a part of the system.

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