The Need Of Purchasing A Mobile Insurance For Protecting Your Mobile

23 October of 2015

When one buys a new mobile or gets an upgrade, an insurance policy is offered with the phone contract to give protection to the device and investment made for the purchase. If the customer thinks that purchasing an insurance policy would be the best choice for them, then they buy a mobile insurance plan to cover the risks.

Need for a Mobile Insurance Policy

There are many situations where you feel the need of a mobile insurance. You require a mobile insurance policy, in case you have bought a costly mobile phone and have signed a long-standing contract with the service provider.

Another case includes the extent to which you are dependent upon your phone. If your handset gets damaged, lost, broken or stolen, then you would most certainly require an immediate replacement and mobile insurance will help you with this.

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Apart from covering stolen, lost and broken cases of mobiles, a mobile insurance also covers unauthorized call, phone accessories, and protection while you are traveling. Make sure to check what things are included in the policy and what are not.

Different Types of Mobile Insurance Policies

You should have knowledge about different types of mobile insurance policies so that you choose the best online mobile insurance in India. Great plans for your device include virus and theft protection, damage insurance, cloud backup, etc. A simple insurance plan is provided by the telecom operator or phone manufacturer.

Stand alone is also the type of mobile insurance, where special policies are offered for the coverage of your handset. It is also known as gadget insurance and is also the cheapest choice of insurance. There are no constraints in checking what the policy has to offer to you and you are free to go through all of its terms and conditions.

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In case, you feel like that you don’t want the mobile insurance anymore after purchasing it, you can get it canceled within a time period of 14 days, to get a refund of the insurance premium.

Tips for getting a Mobile Insurance

Some tips are given below, which will certainly help you while getting a mobile insurance:-

  • Find the amount of policy excess you are required to pay before making any claim.
  • Look for the exclusions (conditions) of the insurance policy.
  • Buy the insurance policy for your mobile depending upon the type of handset, and also depending on whether there is any monthly contract.
  • Make sure about the kind of deal you are going to use, by seeing if your handset is inexpensive or expensive.
  • If you really want a mobile insurance, then ensure that there is no other insurance, such as home insurance or the one you obtain with the help of your bank account. Such policies give protection to your phone.
  • Purchase your mobile insurance from a reliable, valid and certified company.
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At Last, you should think about the money you would have to pay in the form of premium for insurance cover. There are both cheap and expensive policies, it is easier to get a claim with expensive policies and cheaper policies come with a lot of terms and conditions. Understand your requirements and look for the policy that suits your requirement.

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