The Tenets Of A Safe Neighborhood

12 September of 2014

After spending nearly a decade in a cramped one-bedroom apartment, you and your husband have decided that it’s time to move on. Sure, you’ve had some good times in this place and made countless memories here, but now that you’ve decided to expand your family, there’s no time like the present to find a more spacious residence. Since your apartment barely has enough room for you, your hubby and your cat, there’s no way it can accommodate a growing family. Having put away a good deal of money and attained a sense of stability in your career, upgrading your living arrangements is the natural next step. When searching for a suitable family home, it’s important to choose a house located in a safe community. High levels of crime, vandalism and general disarray reinforce the fact that a bad neighborhood is no place to start a family. Moving into a community that possesses the following traits will ensure that your growing family remains happy and safe for years to come.

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A Sense of Community

Neighborhoods in which residents freely walk the streets and treat one another with courtesy tend to be fairly safe communities. Alternatively, neighborhoods in which people seldom go outside and show no interest in socializing with their neighbors are generally high-crime areas. This type of neighborhood is characterized by residents who are afraid of leaving their homes after dark and are constantly suspicious of their neighbors. With this in mind, look for a community in which residents feel safe leaving their homes at any time of day. Frequent block parties, children playing on the sidewalks and adults going for leisurely strolls are all prominent indicators of a safe neighborhood.

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Successful Businesses

The presence of reputable grocery stores, eateries and other centers of commerce is an indicator of a safe community. Because of high crime levels, many businesses are afraid to set up shop in bad neighborhoods. Since they run the risk of being robbed or having their property vandalized, most companies believe that opening stores in unsafe neighborhoods is an unwise investment. This is why bad neighborhoods are often rife with failing businesses and abandoned store spaces.

Places for Recreation

Safe neighborhoods often provide residents with well-kept parks, playgrounds and community centers. In addition to keeping children entertained, these locales provide adults with places to mingle and engage in assorted fitness activities. Exercising alongside your neighbors is a great way to form lasting friendships and cultivate a sense of community. As an added bonus, parks and community centers are fantastic places to hold barbecues, fundraisers and other neighborhood gatherings.

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Purchasing your family home can be equal parts stressful and exhilarating. No matter where you live, finding a house that suits the needs of a growing family can be a sizable undertaking. However, by selecting the right home in the right neighborhood, you can provide your family with security and peace of mind.


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