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02 April of 2015

We know about using antivirus software, we understand about careful email management, and we are cautious about giving out financial information online…but the financial risks we face in using the Internet continue to grow over time. More malware and trickier trojans continue to make online transactions and financial management risky. The solution? A robust, modern approach to online security and financial awareness. Here are the top apps to help out.

1. Multi-Device Software: While antivirus software remains important to protecting the data on your computer, these days you really need a comprehensive program that covers not only your desktop but all devices. Today’s software options, like SecureSafe, offers protection for cloud backup and transfer across smartphones and tablets, as well as encryption services for all devices and syncing to keep data and passwords the same no matter what device you are currently using. It is a key feature in today’s mobile world, no matter what platform you prefer.

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2. Financial Report Websites: There are multiple ways to receive credit reports and alerts if it looks like someone has stolen your identity or your financial information. However, if you are looking for a truly modern solution, then try a website like Credit Sesamethat offers multiple services in one package. These sites act as an intermediary, accessing a number of different sources to help you safely monitor your finances and identity, and alerting you immediate of any danger signs. Additionally, these services are typically free or low cost.

3. Password Managers: Password managers are programs and apps that allow you to store all your passwords in one safely secured place. This offers several different security-related benefits. The password manager allows you to create different passwords for each one of your logins, which is much safer than using one password for everything. It can also save you a lot of time when it comes to remembering all your old passwords, since many password managers offer autofill functions. Second, password managers have tools that encourage you to create strong passwords that are difficult to crack.

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4. Smart Buying Practices: You can make a big difference in your online safety just by practicing smart shopping. Generally be careful of how you hand out your information, and try to stick to online stores that are secured, verified, and widely trusted by consumers. Avoid buying from shady sellers and use a trusted interface like eBay or Etsy when buying from smaller stores.

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5. Mobile Protection Apps: What happens when your phone gets stolen? There are features that allow for remote wiping, which can help you remove sensitive information from your phone when you lose it. You can set up these features through the right apps and settings. Other settings may allow you to lock your phone until you get it back, which can help save important information if necessary.

6. Your Browser: Yes, your browser is actually a great modern solution to financial protection. This is because most browsers provide regular updates to help identify and defend against the latest malware attacks and other security risks. Ensuring that your browser and the other browser-related tools that you use are updated can help protect you.

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