Want To Entertain Your Guests In Style? Here’s What You Need To Do With Your Garden

27 July of 2015

No matter which part of the world you are from, if you like to entertain your friends and family outdoors, you could use your garden as a perfect place for your social gatherings. In fact, most of the people we spoke with accepted that they spend a surprisingly large number of days socialising, eating and relaxing in the garden.

So, it goes without saying that the garden you have, whether it is a country lawn, a city balcony, a rooftop garden or a modest backyard, is a very important space that should be used wisely so that it adds to the overall experience of enjoying your outdoor activities. Here’s a quick guide on what all should you focus on so as to make your garden a lively social space.

Shade and Shelter

The most important thing to do is to create a shelter so that you and your guests can enjoy without having to worry about the sun getting too hot or the wind picking up everyone. You could use an arbour for a lovely shade and if doesn’t rain that much in your area as it won’t be much useful in the rains. A garden shed or a summerhouse would be great idea instead as it will keep you dry and let you enjoy the outdoors with a feeling of sitting inside.

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Freestanding Cover

If you prefer not to get a permanent structure done for your garden, you could find options that are free standing. For example, canopies or shade sails are excellent choices if you need something that provides cover from the sun and light showers. We highly recommend that you get professional advice for fixing large canvases as they need to be fixed properly and with constant tension. Imagine a flapping sail that whips your guests overboard; that would be a definite party killer.

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Garden Umbrellas

Last time we checked our list of essential garden furniture and accessories, a good old fashioned garden umbrella is unbeatable when it comes to adding fun to your garden space. These parasols come in various sizes and can easily sit next to your table and other garden furniture, without interrupting the conversations. They are easy to manage and extremely mobile as well.


We suggest that you choose the seating very carefully as most of our outdoor entertainment activities revolve around dining using a table and chairs. From the comfort of woven rattan armchairs to chic looking bistro seats made out of metal, you have plenty of options to go through when it comes to garden furniture these days. If your garden furniture is to be left outside permanently, just ensure that they are tough.

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Barbeques are one of the most fun filled outdoor activities. It gives you a real sense of achievement when you cook a feast starting the fire and using only a little more than some twigs and a metal pot. We suggest that you use a gas barbeque as it is quick and easy to use and within an hour or so you should have your meal ready.


Last but not the least, for a great ambience where you and your guests can relax and have a good time, it is important to have a good setting of illumination. You could use a combination of movable accents and permanent fixtures. Wall mounted lights can add to the useful glowing effect. And, for one of those intimate soirées of yours, go for jam jar candles and tea lights, they will be perfect for the occasion.


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