Washington State: An RV Paradise

06 April of 2017

When you think of states to hit for your next RV adventure, Washington State may not be the first on your list. But if you think past the images of rain and grey skies and do some research, you will find that Washington State is the perfect destination for an RV trip, featuring miles of gorgeous coastline, incredible forests and mountains, and some of the most scenic outdoors vistas to be found in the country. Not only this, but the great state of Washington is home to some of the country’s stop rated RV parks and is one of the top states for RV journeys each year. So the next time you’re heading to your local RV rentals store with adventure on your mind, make sure that Washington State is on the top of your list.

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 There are dozens of very highly rated RV parks all over the state, but here are some of the top camps that you will definitely want to have on the list for your trip.

 Birch Bay State Park

 Located just south of the Canadian border and offering stunning views of Vancouver Island, this waterfront park is very large and accommodating to all types of rigs. One of the top draws in Washington state is the miles and miles of rocky beach along the coastline, and this park puts your right in the heart of it. You can take long walks along the wild beach enjoy some of the best scenery Washington has to offer.

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 Raser State Park

 This park is an outdoorsman’s dream, featuring some of the absolute best hiking in the state. If you want to experience the mythic Pacific Northwest forest in all its glory, then this is your ultimate destination. Covering 169 acres, here you will find abundant space for camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and biking. It really just doesn’t get any better than this if you want a real Washington experience.

 Yakima Sportsman State Park

 As its name suggests this park is ideal if you are looking to experience some real Northwest fishing action The ponds here are stocked year round and there are many camping options for the RV traveler. Located in the dry plains region in central Washington, here you will see amazing wildlife and nature seemingly unchanged over centuries. This is a natural paradise you sure won’t want to miss.

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Seaquest State Park

 Covering 475 acres, this park is located on a shallow wetland lake. By far one of the most scenic campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest, Seaquest features stunning views of the magnificent Mount St. Helens. This is truly one of the most beautiful spots in the country, and the campground is accommodating to all sizes of rigs. You won’t ever forget waking up in this natural beauty, so make sure to keep Seaquest on your bucket list.

Featuring stunning waterfronts and shorelines, epic forests and lakes, and majestic freshwater rivers and plains, Washington State truly has you covered for the RV trip of your dreams.

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