What Can Copyright Law Do For You? 

30 November of 2015

Why All The Fuss About Copyright Intellectual Property?

Are you wondering about copyright law and what its actually all about? It’s a field of law aimed at protecting creative works such as books, music, photographs, movies, designs, software, etc conceived by artists, photographers, authors, film makers and just about anyone engaged in the creative industry. If that sounds just like you then copyright intellectual property is an asset that you should carefully look into.

Copyright law in Australia provides people exclusive rights to sell, distribute or make copies of creative works. If you are a professional photographer for example. You’d want to secure adequate protection under such laws. Copyright exists so that you the creator can reap the just rewards of your hard work.

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In Summary, Copyright Law In Australia Provides You With The Following Rights:

To copy, reproduce or your work in a different form – books, movies, software, etc.

To change or improve your copyrighted material

To lend, distribute or sell your work for a profit

To publicly demonstrate or exhibit your work

Simply put, copyright law gives creators the opportunity to defend their work by reminding people of your exclusive rights and a good position to sue if necessary in order to protect your interest. Suing for copyright gives creators an avenue to seek out just compensation for any damages a copyright infringement may cause and order the violating party to cease the use and distribution of your copyrighted work.

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Now it sounds simple enough and in an ideal world nobody would come in and dare to infringe upon the work of others but that’s simply not the case. Copyright violation happens all the time even without the creator knowing about it and modern technology has made copyright regulations a lot more difficult to enforce and look after. Protecting your copyright demands a great level of expertise; the kind that only reputable copyright lawyers in Sydney can provide.

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