What Can You Do With An Old Mobile?

28 July of 2015

Keeping up with technology and having the newest and greatest gadgets seems to be somewhat of a fascination for people these days, especially when it comes to our mobile phones. Mobile phone manufacturers take full advantage of this interest and keep us on our toes, often times releasing more than one new model per year, meaning consumers quickly find themselves with a stash of out-dated, long forgotten mobile phones that are serving nobody any functional purpose.

There happens to be many innovative ideas to approach mobile phone recycling or up cycling, and actually get some use out of those abandoned devices taking up valuable drawer space.

Holiday Phone – when heading out on holiday it may not be advisable to drag your highly desired, very expensive, new smartphone along with you to places that are generally not mobile phone friendly. Instead pop your current SIM card into your old device so you can still have all the benefits of having your device with you while on holiday without putting your newest, costliest device at risk.

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Emergency Only Device – even without a SIM card installed an old mobile phone can be used to place a call to emergency services, as long as the battery has power. This can be incredibly convenient for leaving in the vehicle or giving to younger children as a safety precaution for when walking to and from school, playing in the neighbourhood, or perfect for leaving with elderly relatives to keep close in case of emergency.

Use as a Webcam or Remote Camera – any old phone with a camera can be easily transformed into a webcam simply by adding an app to the device. For a minimal cost, or even free if you’re lucky enough to stumble on the right app, you can turn an unused phone into a functional piece of equipment.

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Create a Handheld Game Device for Kids – an inactivated smartphone still has Wi-Fi capabilities, and there are endless apps for children of all ages. After removing all of your personal data you can fill the phones storage with fun and educational apps to keep them busy in the car, and offers a cheap alternative to expensive handheld games.

Donate to a Worthy Cause – out-dated phones hold little to no value in such a fast moving market, so why not donate your old phones to an organisation that will up cycle them, helping them get in the hands of people in need in other communities all over the world. Many places will gladly take operational devices and redistribute them.

Recycle it – do the environmentally friendly thing and unload your old mobile phone at an appropriate recycling depot so instead of sitting in a landfill any materials in the device, such as gold and titanium can be recycled and repurposed.

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Sell it – if you upgrade often your “old” mobile phones may not be so out-dated, and it is possible that there is still some value there. There are many companies that will gladly purchase your old equipment for a small amount of money, or you could sell it privately to somebody looking for a cheap replacement phone.

Whatever you decide to do with your old mobile phone the important thing is to do something with it period. Too many sit cluttering the homes and lives of people only to end up being an environmental burden. Take the extra step to get a little more use out of your devices, and dispose of them appropriately.

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