What Could A Virtual Office Bring To Your Business?

10 February of 2015

Establishing some kind of office space is one of the first steps to legitimizing your small business. The cost of this is often beyond the budget of a startup company, though, especially one operating from a business capital like London. However, thanks to the advent of new technologies, there are now new services that provide the features of a traditional office space without the costly overhead. A virtual office gives you access to a business address, a professional receptionist, and more.

Business Address

Establishing yourself in a competitive industry is never easy, but with a prestigious City of London address for your company you can give yourself a professional image that some of your competition will lack. A business number with a local area code could help your business appeal to local customers, as a local number exhibits a feeling of reliability and trust compared to an unrecognizable area code. This address can be used as both a mail collection and forwarding service. A mailing address is crucial in improving your chances of ever receiving credit as it helps financial lenders to identify the operation and location of your business.

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Remote Receptionist

Keeping track of incoming messages is a job in and of itself, and it only becomes more difficult as your business starts to grow. You never know. That missed message could be the deciding factor in securing a lucrative order that helps clear out excess stock, or an opportunity from a future long-term business partner. With a virtual office service, you can be sure all your communications are being handled by a remote professional working from their own home. Your mail can be screened of any messages you don’t want to deal with, letting you focus on refining your business strategy to the best it can be. It’s the ideal service for startup or small businesses who can’t afford to be paying for an office and employing staff.

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Other Services

Finally, certain virtual office providers also allow you to make use of their other facilities. Specialists such as Landmark Plc also include access to conference and meeting rooms, executive lounges, or an office you could use if you’re temporarily unable to work from home. This ensures that your company is always able to command the kind of professional impression you want. Previously, only established, successful businesses would have access to these kinds of facilities.


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